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Getting a roomie!

Posted on: February 28, 2009

Hello again,

The nice people here at NPMR are taking real good care of  me while I await my trip to meet my new family.

In the meantime, they have decided to give me a roommate, a tiny little male Chihuahua. He is very nice and we’re getting along great.

This week they tell me that I will be seeing the dentist. They said that my dental surgery is just a minor teeth scaling and to look at any minor extractions of loose teeth that I  may have. That sounds very scary but they tell me that they just want  my teeth cleaned and made to look “all pretty and white”.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Bye4 now,


P.S. My new roomie needs a home too…so if you think you can provide a great, loving home for him please contact the nice people at NPMR.


My name is Brindle and, although I like rooming with Autumn,
I need a permanent home.



3 Responses to "Getting a roomie!"

I wish I could adopt all those dogs.
I hate puppy mills and the way they treat dogs.
Makes me want to put a boot up their arses!!!

Good Luck Autumn

I love your story Autumn. Best wishes with your new home. Good luck to your “roomie”! 🙂

You are sooo cute! I’m Happy happy that you found a home!!!!

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