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On Saturday Milwaukee got hit with a big snow storm from the west. So Mom decided that we would weather the storm in a great place. We got ready early before the storm came and drove 40 miles out of town to this place called Olympia Resort and Spa.image_01

They allowed dogs so it was great for me! There were a few other dogs I saw but they didn’t scare me at all.

There were lots of areas on the complex for mom and me to walk around and explore. I ran along a river and saw ducks!! They scared me at first but then I became really interested in them although they were too far in the river for me to chase. Later when it started to snow mom and I walked through the woods.  I really liked the snow.

We had a room on the lower level and it had a sliding door were I could walk outside on the patio. Mom hooked me up on a 16 foot leash and let me wander around outside. Even when she complained about the cold coming in the room I wanted to stay outside and explore.  image_0Finally she made me come in and I found a comfy spot on a lounge chair to nap while she went to the spa for a wrap and massage. We had this huge bed to sleep on. It was great.  We watched the storm from the patio and had a really nice weekend. Even though I slept like a puppy at the resort when I got home I was exhausted and went right to bed. I can’t wait to go back and see those ducks again!



I am off the Prednisone since 3/23 but still get bathed every other day.  My itching seems to be getting less. Mom called the vet’s office to ask some questions that the nurse couldn’t answer. They said the Vet would return our call but it’s been 4 days now and no one has called back.  Mom has been doing a lot of research on the web and found an interesting read from William D. Cusick. He’s written some books and has some good advice on what to feed dogs. His research goes into breed specific canine nutrition and what individual breeds should be fed.

Mom went to the health food store and brought home some yummy stuff for me to eat. Although I have been eating mostly Newman’s Own dry and wet foods mom decided to try Dr. Weil’s suggestion of Pet Promise dry food. Along with the dry food mom prepared some lamb meat and chicken breast with potatoes and carrots. It was good!pet promise

So we’re going to keep trying some natural foods and see if this helps my itchy skin.

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autumn-playsWell mom has been bathing me every couple days with my antibiotic shampoo and today is my last day on the steroids.  The shampooing is ok but it’s afterwards when I get to roll around on the towels that’s the best time!

The treatments have been helping a little bit but I’m still itchy so mom’s thinking of taking me back to the specialist.

In the meanwhile I have discovered so many cool toys. Toys like mom’s eye glass case which was really fun to chew up! And I find all kinds of other things I call toys that I’m not suppose to chew on but they’re so fun I can’t help myself.

It’s been rainy here lately so I haven’t gotten to the park for my walks. Mom put down tons of straw in the yard so I can walk around outside without getting my paws muddy. Mom does take me with her in the car to different places and I meet a lot of new friends both human and my kind. That’s always fun too.

I can’t wait until the warm weather get here. I like walking in the park!

love Autumn

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I have met so many new human friends and they are all so nice. They like to give me new and different foods that I have never eaten before. My new mom says it’s bad for me to eat that stuff but I’m starting to think that this human food is some really good stuff!

One of my new friends brought me a new toy to chew up and I loved it. I chewed it up into tiny pieces and left them spread out all over the floor. That was FUN!

I’m getting really good at going outside to do my business plus mom likes to take me to the park for long walks.

Mom has been given me regular baths with the doctor prescribed shampoo and I’m still on the steroids. I received my first treatment of Frontline Plus medication which is suppose to protect me from pests.

My itchiness is down considerably and I’m feeling pretty good.

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Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday

Today is my birthday

I went to see a skin specialist vet today. They did many tests on me to make sure I didn’t have this or that. They ruled out Fleas, airborne allergens, parasites, Ticks and lice, food allergies, Fungal infections, and contact allergies.


But they think it’s some kind of bacteria which lies just beneath the skin and put me on steriods.

The vet assured me that the steriods were very mild and would not interfere with my immune system.

They aslo put me on a special antibiotic shampoo. And as soon as I got home my new mom gave me a bath. I look so pretty!

My new grandma brought me a Elmo doll for a companion. I didn’t like it at first but then I started to chew it’s arms. That was fun!

Mom has me wearing a T-shirt so I wouldn’t scratch myself. It’s ok…i don’t really mind it.

Now I’m sleeping from my very busy day!


Tonight was beauty night! Pam soaked fresh Lavender in warm water and soothing oils and bathed me. I didn’t mind it at all! Afterwards I got to play in all the towels which was really fun. I don’t remember wagging my tail this much ever!

I’ve been on some antibotics since I came back from the dentist last week and I think they’ve been making me itchy. But I feel so much better now and I’m getting really sleepy so I think I’ll sleep like a log tonight.

Nite Nite,