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Thursday I spend at Kristie’s house which is 45 minutes away from the kennels. She was super nice. She took me for my FIRST EVER WALK!! I did very well on a leash.

She fed me some dry food but I wanted to be finicky so she gave me some canned food. I ate that up!

Kristie called my new mom-to-be, Pam and said we were leaving in a little while for the big trip to Milwaukee. She told Pam that I may actually be in Milwaukee before Sunday.

Kristie also said that she loved me very much even though she had only spent 1 day with me so far. She said I was very sweet, a bit timid and very pretty! She said I was a little underweight but I will add weight in time.

Anyway, I’m all set for my car trip to Wisconsin. We may have to spend a night in a doggy-friendly motel before we get there.

Wish me luck!
ruv Autumn

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