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Posted on: March 11, 2009

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Today I had a pillow fight. The pillows just keep on winning but I keep on trying!

I had my first bite of hamburger today and a piece of chicken breast. I liked the chicken but I’m not a fan of burger yet.

I do like my dog food I think because I’m so use to eating nothing but regular dog food for the past 4 years. Well almost 4 years….my official birthday is on the 15th of March (a few days) and I will then be 4 years!

I’ve been on some antibotics since I left Colorado and I finished taking the last one today. But I’m itchy and Pam thinks it might be because of the meds. She’s going to take me to see a doctor in a few days.

Otherwise I’ve been eating good and sleeping good. I go outside in the yard and roam around but all the noises still make me a little scared.

I did enjoy my pillow fight though!Pillow Fight

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