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My visit with a specialist!

Posted on: March 13, 2009

I went to see a skin specialist vet today. They did many tests on me to make sure I didn’t have this or that. They ruled out Fleas, airborne allergens, parasites, Ticks and lice, food allergies, Fungal infections, and contact allergies.


But they think it’s some kind of bacteria which lies just beneath the skin and put me on steriods.

The vet assured me that the steriods were very mild and would not interfere with my immune system.

They aslo put me on a special antibiotic shampoo. And as soon as I got home my new mom gave me a bath. I look so pretty!

My new grandma brought me a Elmo doll for a companion. I didn’t like it at first but then I started to chew it’s arms. That was fun!

Mom has me wearing a T-shirt so I wouldn’t scratch myself. It’s ok…i don’t really mind it.

Now I’m sleeping from my very busy day!



3 Responses to "My visit with a specialist!"

Hi Autumn,
Thank for you inviting me over. You are a beautiful little angel. And I am glad everything went well today. Enjoy Elmo!

I used to have an Elmo but they took him away from me – apparently when you shake him around and bop youmans with him for fun his big plastic eyes hurt them.

Bussie Kissies

PS – do you belong to Dogs With Blogs?

Hi Buster!
I don’t quite have that much enthusiasm yet to bebop my Elmo! Hopefully I’ll find my inner “animal” soon!
No I don’t have a dogs with blogs account but wish I did!


Hi Miss June,
Thank you for everything!



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