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All my new friends

Posted on: March 20, 2009

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I have met so many new human friends and they are all so nice. They like to give me new and different foods that I have never eaten before. My new mom says it’s bad for me to eat that stuff but I’m starting to think that this human food is some really good stuff!

One of my new friends brought me a new toy to chew up and I loved it. I chewed it up into tiny pieces and left them spread out all over the floor. That was FUN!

I’m getting really good at going outside to do my business plus mom likes to take me to the park for long walks.

Mom has been given me regular baths with the doctor prescribed shampoo and I’m still on the steroids. I received my first treatment of Frontline Plus medication which is suppose to protect me from pests.

My itchiness is down considerably and I’m feeling pretty good.

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