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So many toys…so little time

Posted on: March 23, 2009

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autumn-playsWell mom has been bathing me every couple days with my antibiotic shampoo and today is my last day on the steroids.  The shampooing is ok but it’s afterwards when I get to roll around on the towels that’s the best time!

The treatments have been helping a little bit but I’m still itchy so mom’s thinking of taking me back to the specialist.

In the meanwhile I have discovered so many cool toys. Toys like mom’s eye glass case which was really fun to chew up! And I find all kinds of other things I call toys that I’m not suppose to chew on but they’re so fun I can’t help myself.

It’s been rainy here lately so I haven’t gotten to the park for my walks. Mom put down tons of straw in the yard so I can walk around outside without getting my paws muddy. Mom does take me with her in the car to different places and I meet a lot of new friends both human and my kind. That’s always fun too.

I can’t wait until the warm weather get here. I like walking in the park!

love Autumn

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