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I am off the Prednisone since 3/23 but still get bathed every other day.  My itching seems to be getting less. Mom called the vet’s office to ask some questions that the nurse couldn’t answer. They said the Vet would return our call but it’s been 4 days now and no one has called back.  Mom has been doing a lot of research on the web and found an interesting read from William D. Cusick. He’s written some books and has some good advice on what to feed dogs. His research goes into breed specific canine nutrition and what individual breeds should be fed.

Mom went to the health food store and brought home some yummy stuff for me to eat. Although I have been eating mostly Newman’s Own dry and wet foods mom decided to try Dr. Weil’s suggestion of Pet Promise dry food. Along with the dry food mom prepared some lamb meat and chicken breast with potatoes and carrots. It was good!pet promise

So we’re going to keep trying some natural foods and see if this helps my itchy skin.


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