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Mom calls me Beauty

Mom calls me Beauty

I woke mom up earlier this morning so she got up and fixed me a nice breakfast. Yum Yum… a bowl of lamb meat, potatoes, mixed veggies and some Pet Promise nuggets!

Afterwards I went outside to do my business and boy did I have the energy! The weather was warmer and it felt good to feel the warm breeze and fresh air. I ran around in circles and scratched the ground and jumped and ran some more. I was feeling great.

Later me and our house cat Junie played around in the kitchen and had fun.

Mom said that she’s taking me to the park later this afternoon. YAY!! I can’t wait!

Just looking for some fun!

Just looking for some fun!

Junie the Cat and Me

Junie the Cat and Me

For now I think I’ll nap for awhile to regain some energy so I can run around the park! Weeeee!

I’ll write again soon,

Love Autumn

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My itching has really improved and WITHOUT those nasty steroids! Mom has been feeding me delicious natural foods and we’re almost through with the shampooing.  I feel so much better.autumn4-4

Anyway I’m getting really use to doors now but still having some trouble with stairs. I’ll get better I know.

Mom took me out looking for a new home.  We visited many places this weekend and they all look very nice. I especially liked the house with the big,  fenced-in backyard!

It looks like more snow is coming today. But I don’t mind the cold weather.

Chat again soon.

PS… Hi to all my Facebook friends!!