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Time for a beauty day?

Posted on: May 1, 2009

The end of April for Autumn

Am I getting too shaggy?

My human mama says she thinks it’s about time I have a professional beauty day. She thinks that I’m ready but I’m not so sure. I don’t know what I would do being around strangers washing and clipping me. Mama said she’ll stay near by if she can.  She found a place that looks very nice, like a doggy day spa where I’ll be pampered. But I am a bit scared although I am getting a bit shaggy.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

For now, mom got some advice from one of my Facebook pals who said that my blood  should be checked for any hormone conditions.  We’ll have to check with the vets to see if this is something they missed when doing all those tests on me.

I’ve been feeling lots better since I’ve been on the natural food diet plus mom  bathed me with the special antimicrobial shampoo for a month.  But I still get a little itchy now and then.

So I have the weekend to rest up before all the attention I’ll be getting next week.

Right now I am playing with a big bone. It’s lots of fun.

Love Autumn

P.S. >>I have learned to go up steps….not really well but mama says I’m like a little puppy that needs to learn everything. So it’s baby err…umm.. puppy steps but I can manage the top three steps on my own!



6 Responses to "Time for a beauty day?"

We think you look beautiful just as you are … but we understand how your mama feels about getting you all groomed and pampered up. Our mom helped us get all gussied up shortly after we got adopted, and it really made us feel good … and proud.

Congratulations on the stairs! It took me (Fergi) months (literally) before I was even interested in them. I was scared and weak and totally inhibited. Not any longer, though. Every day I learn something new, and that makes everyone happy. Including me.

We’re happy to meet you … we’ve added you to our Dales and Such blog list! That way we’ll see when you are up to something new. (That seemed like the best fit … hope it’s okay with you!)

Drop by sometime. You can see how two other recently rescued and adopted mill doggies are doing!

🙂 Jake and Fergi 🙂

Sweet Autumn!

Stella & I agree with Jake & Fergi! You are bootiful just the way you are, but a nice spa day can be relaxing. Plus, if it is starting to get warm it feels so nice to have those extra furs off so you can feel the breeze right down to your skin when you run!

WooOOOoHoOOooO for you!!! Those stairs can be a big deal to big dogs, not to mention a petite girlie like you. Congratulations on all of the new things you’re learning and enjoying! We really can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

I hope you don’t mind some of our friends coming over to say hi to you. Most of us are part of Dogs With Blogs. It’s an online community that has over 1000 dog bloggers. If you ever want more information just let me know, or you can click on the DWB button on my sidebar.

Hope your spa day is VERY relaxing and that you find that you really enjoy being bathed and groomed. Some pups find it soothing (I’m not one of those pups, though)!

Goober love & smooches,
Stanley (for Stella)

We came right over from Gooberstan to say hello, nice to meet you!!


Greetings from Singapore.
We are here to welcome you to the doggy blog world !
We got to know about you through Gooberstan (:
Nice to meet you (:

Lots of Mushy Hugs,
Four Musketeers

I know what you mean – my D wants to get me groomed because I am really fluffy – it sure is good when it is off – I get the itchies too so make sure she uses your shampoo and no extra sprays – lots of licks

Aren’t you just too cute just the way you are, Autumn! Our wheelie sissy’s name is Autumn too!
We’ll be back!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

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