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Pet groomer response

Posted on: May 14, 2009

Mom got a response from one of the pet groomers she emailed. Poor ma has been worried about taking me into a groomer since I am 4 years old and have never done that sort of thing before. Of course, I haven’ done much of anything before!

But I have to learn sometime so mom had contacted this place called

Here’s the reply email if you wanna read it:

Thank you for your inquiry. I have had quite a bit of experience grooming rescued dogs, and most recently puppy mill rescues since the closing of Puppy Haven. Most of these dogs come in the first few times terrified and we work with them slowly and patiently. In time we have seen many of these scared little ones come around.

While it is possible to be clipped without a bath, it is not something I generally offer, as the basis of grooming is the bath. That said, I may be able to do a “functional” haircut on a clean coat. If she is matted or overgrown, the bathing part of the grooming session is an important step. I would really need to see her coat to determine the best course of action.

I do not have owners stay or assist during the session, as I have found that it can cause more stress to the dog. The dogs generally spend the entire time trying to get to the owner and do not learn to focus on or trust the groomer. Owners are welcome to wait in the lobby to make sure the session is going well, provided the dog is not distracted.

If you like, I would be happy to meet with you and your dog prior to an appointment and get an idea of what our options are. There is no fee for a consultation and I am flexible on times to meet. Most consultations take less than 15 minutes.

Other options are mobile grooming as well as shops that allow owners to remain present. I would be happy to provide you with more information if we do not fit your needs.

I hope to hear from you, and thank you for contacting us!


Looks like we’re going to go for the consultation. I do need a bit of a clipping but I’m not that bad! Mom combs me every night and I’m quite fluffy. Plus I haven’t been scratching nearly as bad as I was!! YAY!
I think the combination of good foods, regular baths, nightly combing and my skin-coat supplements are working.

Oh and here’s the brand of supplements I use….

The ingredients are:
Cellulose, fish oil powder, pork flavor, steric acid, flax seed oil, virgin olive oil, vegetable shearate,  vitamin E (10iu)

Speaking of scratching ….
Helen Julia Ashe of West Midlands, UK wrote:

Hi Pam,
Had another thought; liquidize either fresh or frozen spinach; keep in fridge and feed 2 teaspoons in her food a day; also garlic is very good; a small amount in food per day; at least it wont have any side effects.

As Always, everyone’s comments are welcome!!

Lickity Licks for now,
Luv Autumn

P.S. I have to laugh ‘cuz, to be honest, I have never licked anyone before either! But I give lickity licks anyway! 🙂


2 Responses to "Pet groomer response"

Hello Autumn

We are sure you will be fine with the groomer. She sounds really nice and you will look prettier than ever after you have a nice clip.

We look forward to seeing photos of you looking as pretty as a picture.

Molly and Taffy

We think you’ll do just fine with the groomer, Autumn! They’re professionals and they know what they’re doing!
We can’t wait to see your new do!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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