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3 stairs on my own!

Posted on: May 26, 2009

I went up 3 stairs all by myself today. I am very proud and so is my ma. She gave me a treat! YAY ME!

I wanted to share a very cute photo with you. This is a facebook friend named Rei and he lives in Spain.

Rei Marti from Spain

He is so cute and looks like a toy that I want to play with and drag around the house.

And one more photo I would like to share with you today.

This is Eric and I love this photo because Eric likes to wear Birthday hats with his picture on them!Eric


I think maybe someday I will be as fun as all my friends are.


In the meanwhile, I learned that I received an award. It’s called the  Kreativ Blog Award

and I will tell you more about it next time.

For now it’s Lickin’ and Lovin’ from me,



8 Responses to "3 stairs on my own!"

Hi Autumn: Thank you for visiting my blog, and for saying I am beautiful (blush!) why, that is just the nicest thing.

I read your story, about life in a puppy mill, and I am so glad that you got out! We can all be so happy when those places are all closed up all over the USA!

I was in a shelter for three months before my Mom found me, but we just looked at each other and knew we were right!

I love your new haircut, you look so soft and pretty. It sounds as if your new Mom was just the right person for you, too. You will love blogging, I think.

See you again . . .


You awe so sweet and those pictoowes of youw fwiends awe adowable.
Congwatulations on goin up those staiws! That is a pawsome achievement and I think you’we tewwific fow doing it!
also congwatulations on youw awawd!
smoochie kisses

You’ll get the hang of those stairs, Autumn! It took me awhile to get them down too and now I go up and down the stairs all day long!
Eric is a hoot, isn’t he?!

Yer friend,

You are passing an important milestone, nice going!

Well done! Paddy has some trouble with stairs too – because of his blindness he found them very challenging – well done you!

Eric is lovely – we are hoping to meet him some day…..

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Stairs??? And Barkin’????


We are totally proud of ya sweet Autumn!!!!

How did you get your name? It’s soooo pretty!!!!!

Love ya lots!


Way to go!!! Aren’t milestones great! It took me months to learn stairs, but now I know they lead to great places!!!

Woo hooo!

Fergi (and Jake)

HI Autumn

Well done for climbing those stairs. Coming back down is so much fun as your derriere wants to overtake your head.

Congratulations on your award. Very well done.

Molly and Taffy

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