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Big Week

Posted on: June 18, 2009

Hi everybody!

This week has been an epic week for me! Not only am I settled in to my new surroundings but I’ve learned to climb stairs!!! YAY!

It’s taken ma a few months, well since she got me back in March, to teach me but now I can go down and come back up …..all by myself!
I feel very proud.

I’m driving ma crazy since I won’t let her take a picture of me. She has to use the zoom feature and hide around corners. RATS!! She got me.

Autumn 6-17-09

I’m happy to report I have been a good girl and haven’t tried to do any dumb things since my last post! LOL

I have met my new Vet friend. He’s Dr. Tom at Pewaukee Vet Clinic. He was real nice and gave me some new shampoo called Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo and some ear drops called Douxo Micellar Cleaner Solution. But otherwise he says I’m fine!

Ma put me on a new diet. She now buys Taste of the Wild dry food and mixes it with EVO small bites.
She still mixes it with some fresh lamb meat and a few veggies like potatoes, carrots and green beans. I get some plain yogurt sometimes and she got a bag of Natural Balance treats. evoTurkey-Cranberry Treat
Ma said she didn’t like the Pet Promise because she read a report that said it didn’t have enough protein and too many junky grains.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about foods.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you all again soon!

Love Autumn


8 Responses to "Big Week"

Hi Autumn
Congwatulations on leawning to mastew the staiws! That’s a weally big accomplishment..I’m pwoud of you!
I’m so glad youw Mom managed to get a pictoowe of youw pwetty look bootiful!
Youw Vet visit doesn’t sound bad eithew.
I eat Wellness kibble mixed wif a little punkin. I love it and seem to have vewy good poo poos and am healthy . I gained a little weight in the wintew cause I didn’t get to go wun and play as much, so I’ve been having the lowew calowie one fow a while.

I also have little bites of my pawents foods if it’s something not bad fow me, hehehe
I think you awe a cutie!
smoochie kisses

Good job on learning to climb stairs, Autumn! Mitch is a pro at it and I can’t stand the stairs! Once a day is enough for me, thank you very much!
You look so pretty in your pink bandana! Pink is definitely your color!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Hi Autumn!!!

We’re still thinkin’ bout you jumping out the window of your car…Mumsie’s last foxie did that once…she was in a parking lot and he took off across the school yard into a corn field…Bruvver finally tackled him or he woulda been gone…I’ve attemped to go out the window also…but now Mumsie puts the window locks on…I love to lower the window if it’s not locked!!!!!

Now I have to go and caution my brothers cuz you’re now their TOTAL HERO….silly boyz….

I’m so glad your safe dear girl….and congrats on the stair climbing!!!!!!!

Love ya lots…Laciegirlie

Well done sweet Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!
We’re soooooooooooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!
Climb a stairs!!!!!!!!!!
What a difficult thing….Paco climb stairs but he don’t climb it if are stairs where he can see what there are under (open stairs)….Poor PAco!!!!!!!!!!
When we go to our grandparents he stay all time in the garden because he have fear of theuìir stairs!!!!!!!!!!
And sweet Autumn….you look sooooooooo gorgeous in your pink bandana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love your cute face and your sweet eyes!!!!!!!!!!
You look like a doll!!!!!!!!!!!
We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kisses and licks


Autumn Girl, you are totally BLOWIN MY MIND! I’m not surprised you learned how to climb not just up but also down the stairs. You’re obviously a very adventurous girl (if you last post is any indication).

Don’t worry, I’ve done that before too. I put the window down in the car when I saw a squirrel and totally launched myself out the window at him. Good thing my girl was only going about 10 mph, but still. She didn’t even know I’d put the window down until I was already out of it! She slammed on her breaks, flew out of the car, and just yelled my name. I knew I’d better get back to the car. Thank doG you weren’t hurt.

Hope the new diet works well for you. My girl always says that if she knew a few years ago what she knows now about dog nutrition, she would have put her angel Airedale, Rosie, on a raw diet like the one Stella & I are on. Rosie had lots of allergies and itchies and got a lot of yeast in her ears and on her skin. So far Stella and I are pretty much itch free.

Hope you are enjoying the warm weather, girlie!

Goober love & smooches,

We are tickled pink that you are going up and down the stairs now. Mom remembers when Fergi learned to do that, and then when she got the confidence to move around the house more independently. It’s a HUGE milestone! You are doing an awesome job settling in to your home, and that makes us soooo happy. We love hearing doggie development stories, especially the ones with happy endings.

BTW…. Fergi still can’t or won’t “do” open stairs. They scare her to death!

And, about that camera. You sound JUST LIKE FERGI! She’s still real shy with the camera. We can pretty much count on her bolting and, even more likely, sucking that little tail down tight! But Mom sneaks in a good shot every once in a while. Persistence pays off!

Love ya, Autumn,
Jake (and Fergs)

Autumn, I’m so WAGGING your Mom got that cute shot of you, you look adorable like a little cuddly teddy!! And the pink banana looks lovely on you.

Then climbing the stairs..woohooo!!! Way to go Autumn, that makes me proud. Little steps..big strides Mom says 🙂 I’m glad the vet gave you the paws up and you seem to have dogalicious food. I have one that was developed by a vet!

Wiry wags and kissies, Eric xxx

Oh little Autumn…how’s it going girlie??? Did ya have a good weekend???

We just finished our last yardie perimeter deer chasing…it’s hard to be a terrier!!!

Just wanted to check in on ya, kay???

Love ya lots sweet girlie!


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