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I’ll show you my scarf but not my face!

Posted on: June 30, 2009

I told ma that she could take a picture of my new 4th of July Day scarf. So she starting taking pictures and I told her just the scarf!


Not my face!!!

I said NO FACE!!

I said NO FACE!!!What Part of NO FACE don't you understand?!?

Gezzz!! Ok here’s my scarf all red, white and blue with starts and stripes. YAY!

What part of NO FACE doesn’t ma understand?

Ma is sooo stubborn. Those crazy humans! Hmph!

Happy Independence Day!! (Coming this weekend) (I’m all ready now)


Love Autumn


8 Responses to "I’ll show you my scarf but not my face!"

We love your scarf, Autumn! It’s very pretty and festive! Are you afraid of fireworks? I am but Mitch isn’t!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Autumn ..why not your squarey little face? It’s way prettier than your banana, though that is cute too!! Happy Independance Day! Thank you for your lovely message in my barking box, made me go all silly…

Love and kissies Eric xxxxx

HI Autumn

Your new scarf is so pretty and you look gorgeous.

We know what you mean about the hoomans just not listening, we suffer with this constantly……..sigh.

Molly and Taffy

Youw scawf is bootiful, but I can undewstand youw mom not being able to wesist taking a pictoowe of youw face. You awe iwwesistably gowgeous.
Have a vewy happy fouwf
smoochie kisses

Hey, Sweet Autumn Girl!

You have a bootiful scarf, but the most bootiful thing about those photos is YOU! You are playing hard to get and I just want to see your fuzzy face, you silly girl! I wish I could spend the holiday with you and your cat sissy. Have you tried swimming yet? Do you know if you like the water?

Have a GREAT weekend, and next time, let us see those perty eyes of yours, you big GOOBER girl!

Goobery love & kissies,
Stella Bean Latifah

Awwwwwwwwwwwww dear Autumn baby!!!
Your scarf is sooooooooooooooo patriotic and beautiful…..
we love your photos but we love you more than all!!!!
Sweet girl….why you don’t want to share with us your sweet and beautiful face?????
We think you’re the cutest girl in the world and we love watching your gorgeous glance!!!!
happy happy happy happy 4th of july….
Hope you’re having a wonderful and fun day with all your family!!!!
Take care and be safe during the fireworks!!!!
We love you a lot!!!
Lots of love and kisses!!!!!

We love your scarf, but I totally understand about you not wanting Mom take a picture of your face. I’m camera shy, too. What is it, do you think, that makes us so reticent?

I think you are beautiful. And I’m glad you are my friend.
Miss Fergi

Your scarf is lovely – I sometimes get shy when D wants to take photos – Paddy on the other hand is one big photo ham. Loves it!

Thanks for your sweet messages – we ruv u too!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

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