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What does she have in her hand?

What does she have in her hand?

Is that a...

Is that a...

OMG a camera!!! NOOOO

OMG a camera!!! NOOOO

That wasn’t the usual camera ma uses. She tricked me!!!


Please stop trying to take my picture

Please stop trying to take my picture

Hi Everybody!

I had a good 4th of July. There was a few times I got a little scared from strange noises but mom made it ok for me. She took me for long walkies outside during the big pops. She said it would help me get use to it.

Ma and I took a walk yesterday and there, in the middle of a field, was a squeeky toy! YAY! So I ran and pounced on it. Ma tossed it for me …it took me a while but I’m figuring out that I should run after it. It’s fun. We played in the middle of a field, running, jumping and playing.  I was soo happy. And so was ma.

So, it’s coming up on my 5th month of freedom. YAY! I’ve learned so many things in that time.

Here’s what I’ve done in 5 months:

  • I can drink water from a bowl.
  • I can walk up and down stairs all by myself!
  • I no longer have itchy skin.
  • I get along great with others like me but humans I still get a tad shy…but mostly I can take ‘um or leave ‘um.
  • I do my business outside and don’t go in the house.
  • I’m learning to play with squeeky toys.
  • I can walk along side ma without a leash although if we come near a place with cars ma prefers me to wear the leash.
  • I barked 4 times!!
  • I gave ma a sorta, kinda kiss one day. It was on her hand. She keeps slobbering me on my mouth. She says I have stinky fish breath.
  • I’m very good with being combed and washed.
  • I have been to a professional groomer once and have to go again soon!
  • I’ve been to 4 Vets for check-ups.
  • I learned that I like cottage cheese, lamb and chicken.
  • I don’t like hamburger, or canned foods.
  • I only eat when I’m hungry and won’t take snacks.
  • I still have problems with strange lights and noises but I’m getting better each day.
  • I’ve gained a pound and that, the Vet says, is a good thing.
  • I do NOT like to have my picture taken.

Otherwise I’m very happy. Ma buys me pretty pink collars and scarves. Grandma brings me toys. I have a super comfy bed next to ma’s and if I don’t wanna sleep alone I jump on the futon and sleep next to her. The vet says I need to work on my weight. Another pound and then I can get into super cute swimsuits this summer….. swimsuit….like Lacy here!

But she’s a professional model and I’ll never look that good in swimwear.

This is my good side!

This is my good side!

I’m a very good girl and have so much love from people…. like you!

Thanks for all the great encouragement!

I ruv you all,