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Dog Gone It! She got me!

Posted on: July 24, 2009

What does she have in her hand?

What does she have in her hand?

Is that a...

Is that a...

OMG a camera!!! NOOOO

OMG a camera!!! NOOOO

That wasn’t the usual camera ma uses. She tricked me!!!



11 Responses to "Dog Gone It! She got me!"

Hello Autumn,

Thanks for stopping by. We don;t know how we missed meeting you for so long — but now we know where you are.

We read your whole story — and are so happy that all the ugly things are in the past.

We had to laugh though when you got so excited at your first bark. If you see what my brother and I are called — the Barkalot Boyz — you’ll know why that amuses us. Although Mom says that when she and our Dogdad first met me when I was 12 weeks old — all I did was a tiny rrrff and they thought, Oh good, he doesn’t bark a lot. BOL!!

Jake of Florida

Drop by anytime!!

Hi sweet Autumn!!!!!!!!!
How are you???
We missed you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wawawawawawwawaaaaaaa…..the last shot is veryvery funny!!!
your head is shaking like a milkshake!!!!!
Poor Autumn!!!!
Mommy lives with a camera in her hands too…..
sometimes we loved when she take a photo of us…but not too much…she would love to take a photo every day…nooooooooo…every hour……nooooooo….every minutes!!!!!!!!
have a wonderful weekend dear friend!!!
We love you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks

You are just too cute, Autumn! We’re glad your mom tricked you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Looks like the flashiebeast got ya for sure, Autumn…and we’re glad it did…you look like a totally adorable little Lakie!!!!! If ya don’t mind my askin’ how much do you weigh??? I think I was the runt…I only weigh 12-13lbs…quite a disadvantage in this house though I can run under the boyz’ leggies!!!

We Lakies have to stick together, girl!! We might be little, but we’re mighty terriers!!!

I spend all day around here managin’ this house…bet you do the same!!!

Love you buckets, Girl!!!


Hi Lacie!
When ma got me I was about 12 pounds. Doctor says he would like to see me at 15 pounds and I’ve been working on it. Getting use to all this new food, and so much of it, has been somewhat of a challenge.

BOL I have more fuzzy fur on me which makes me look bigger. I kinda like that “bulky” look though!!!

Oooh Autumn your leggeded did get you – woohoo!! Wagging she did, are far too cute not to be !

Wiry loves and kisses,Eric xxxxxx

Autumn, we are delighted you were tricked, you are so photogenic and we would just love to see more photos of you.

Molly and Taffy

Hi Autumn

I know just how you feel! These cameras are big scary things. I run in the other direction when I see one.


Autumn, you are soooo cute! We are really happy your mama tricked you and we got to see your adorable face! Fergi is the same way… she tucks her tail and turns the other way whenever the camera is in sight. So we understand. It just makes those occasional shots that get snuck in all that more special!

You go girl,
Jake (and Fergi)

Aww, Autumn! You are bee-yoo-ti-FUL!

You seem to have shaken off the experience nicely! 🙂

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