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Happy Labor Day

Posted on: September 6, 2009


A few times each week Ma takes me to a park not far from our home. This park has some wide open areas for me to run free for a mile. It also has a lagoon where frogs and tadpoles frolic.

Today I decided to take a swim in the lagoon.  While Ma was walking behind me I had the urge to just jump in.  Splish splash!

I could see the look on Ma’s face. She was shocked. I had never swam before. Oh sure I have stood in a kiddie pool while bobbing for hot dogs and even a big tub while getting bathed. But I’ve never done the dog-paddle.

After I did a few paddles through the scum-topped water I casually stepped out and shook off the filmy layer. Refreshed I continued my walk as Ma stood stunned.

When I got home I was immediately rushed to the tub where Ma bathed and rinsed me clean. She said that I must have slipped. Maybe it was an accident she said.  Didn’t she notice how calm and composed I was?

She doesn’t understand that it’s just the  “Lake” land terrier in me!

Have a fun Labor day weekend!

Love Autumn


3 Responses to "Happy Labor Day"

Oh Autumn…um…well…

I sink…I dunno why…it’s like the lake part of me is a little heavy in the southern area if ya know what I mean!!!!!

Scruffy jumped in a scummy pond once to try to get a duck…Mumsie was horrified…the duck was amused…he swam off laughing…

Barkies girl!!!


BOL! I’ve seen you in a swimsuit and you were rocking that pink bikini!

Oh poor lit’ Scuff…he needs webbedpaws


Hi Autumn, we had a very long and busy sommer, P. did not look at the mail for long time….here Iam, soon is my birthday I will be 15 years old… many fantastic years….will send you some cookies
love Massimiliano

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