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Chilly October

Posted on: October 12, 2009

Ma has been making me wear a coat in the evenings. She says it suppose to keep me warm. I guess she doesn’t notice this curly, furry coat I wear naturally. Duh!

I had my stitches taken out on Saturday and got a 100% OK from the doctors. So I’m back to my old tricks!

Ma made me a new kerchief. It’s black with orange pumpkins on it…real Halloweeny-style.
She tried really hard taking some pictures. I wasn’t haven’t it.  HA HA I know all her tricks by now…sneaking around corners, saying things that suppose to get my attention. BAH!
But I give her credit for the good try.

She managed to get one of me facing her. RATS!

She managed to get one of me facing her. RATS!

I still haven’t gotten those picks from the Lure Course yet. Ma emailed the guy today. They should have been here by now since they mailed them last Wednesday.

I’ll post them as soon as we get them. In the meantime, enjoy this one of my friend Chloe and I ganging up on little Baby Bellas.

Chloe and I have captured the young baby Bellas.

Chloe and I have captured the young baby Bellas.


8 Responses to "Chilly October"

Ooh, that sneaky Ma of yours! Do what I do and give the homies a shot, but turn your head at the last minute hahaha. Did you love lure coursing? If you did, you might want to come to terrier camp in IL with me in the spring! Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested. They let us try lure coursing, obedience training, and agility. Super fuunnn….

O boy o boy I loved it! I didn’ think I would but it was so fun I didn’t want to stop. They only gave me 1 run around the track but I took 2 maybe even 3!

This Lure course is located near about 50 miles from home near the IL border. I sure would love to go again. I’ll have Ma email U.

Nice neckwear – my D makes Paddy wear a coat when it gets chilly too – I think it is because they care and want to make sure you stay toastie warm.

Good luck with the Lure track – I hope you get to go again!

Sally and Paddy

HI Autumn

These hoomans can be so sneaky can’t they? I am getting used to the funny clicking box now and I do allow my photo to be taken quite a lot.

Keep warm and snug.

Monty x

We love your pumpkin bandana, Autumn! It’s YOU!
And we’re so glad to hear you’re back to being 100%!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Glad your stitches are all out and your up and at ’em again!
You might want to reconsider your camera aversion, cuz you sure are one pretty gal!

Hi! We’re glad you are back to your 100% self, Autumn! That’ll give you more energy and better attention to avoid that flashy box… if that’s what you want to keep doin’. We love your sweet pictures, though, so we are hoping your ma sneaks in a few.

Obviously (or, at least for your information), this is Jake doing the pawing. Fergi would agree with your tendency toward camera-avoidance. Though…. she IS getting a wee bit better.

Love ya, Autumn
Jake (and Fergi) xxoo

You actually keep those boots on? Oh my, Autumn…you are a total fashionista!!! I’d have to chew em up!!!

So glad u got your stitches out…poor girlie…

It’s cold here too…we just wish the sun would come out….yeesch!!


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