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Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving and for those of you who don’t celebrate it I hope you had a fun day just the same!

I went to grandma’s for turkey day and played in the backyard with my big cousins

Bear, an Akita, and Smokey, Bear’s offspring mix, (pic from last winter)


and Cleopatra…she’s what we call a ‘poi dog’. That’s Hawaiian for a mixed breed. Cleo is all kinds of poi dogs!


All 4 of us ran around in the straw until we reached the mud underneath it all. And that WAS FUN! Of course grandma didn’t think so.

She brought me in and made me take a bath. The best part was when she put me on her bed and wrapped me in a heating blankie. I fell asleep. Later Ma brought me in some bites of pork tenderloin, ham and turkey breast. YAY

Then I played with all my small cousins


Beegee, a poodle,


Lucky, a poodle/terrier mix,


and Teddy, a Lhasa Apso.

I also played with all my kitty cousins but there are far too many to name. All of my furry cousins at grandma’s house are all rescues or found strays. Grandma had a BIG heart!

So, I came home exhausted and went right to bed. Later ma fed me my normal dinner and took me out for a walk. I shouldn’t really say walk because it’s more like run-time. Ma trusts me enough to leave me leash-less so we play run around and chase each other! It’s so fun.
Ma can never keep up with me HA HA HA!

So that was my Turkey day in a nutshell. YAY

Other than that it’s been baby steps towards my therapy. Ma and I work on it everyday. Sometimes I’m ok for the most part. Other days it’s not so good. The good news is that I am STILL meds free!
Ma seems to know how to help calm me and my wrap-around works nicely to help me feel secure.

That’s all for now. I’m glad I could share my stories with you all.

P.S. Don’t forget to get those home addresses to me if you haven’t already done so. Send them to autumnlakelandterrier @ gmail .com



Now a true angel

A sad day. I cry.
She wanted to stay but was called away.

Pain is gone… no more pain.. no more monsters

All of our lost lit’ loves now have a new playmate.

They play. They run free. They look down at us with wings.

They smile knowing we shall meet again.


Hi Fwends!

I’m gonna be sending out my fabulous holiday greetings soon for all my dear, sweet bloggie doggies and facebook fwends.

But you have to e-mail me with your snail-mail addresses if you wanna get something in your mailbox!

You can send me an e-mail at autumnlakelandterrier @ gmail. com
You’ll have a couple of weeks to get those addresses to me but you pups outside the USA may wanna hurry ‘cuz we all know how long things take to get over the big blue sea!

ohboyohboy I can’t wait for you to see my greeting!!


Luv, Autumn!!

Special thanks to Daisy and her mum Zo, my WFT square cousin Eric and all my very dear Bloggie Doggies and Facebook friends for letters, emails, and messages of good thoughts, well wishes, and helpful suggestions. They stand testament to Together we can make miracles happen!!!

Hi blogie friends!

It’s been almost a week and I have been meds free! Ma is so happy. She’s been getting so many emails from friends offering great advice and she’s taking it all to heart!

She got herbal remedies that she sprays on me, and some she puts in my water dish.

She’s got me on a low-protein diet and giving me vitamins.

She has a band that she wraps around my torso that helps me feel secure.

And lastly, we’ve been doing the “flashlight” therapy and I think it’s going well. I got scared a few times but I think, like puppy steps, I’m slowly getting more confident.

I’m know I’m NOT outta the woods YET but we’re working slow but sure towards a resolve. A NEW AND IMPROVED AUTUMN is just around the corner!!!

In the meantime, we’ve been busy doing lots of other stuff….

I received a package in the snailmail from my BFF in Chicago. Miss Scout. She sent me a cute Turkey day card and some bootiful gifts.

She sent me 3 Turkey day kerchiefs! One has Turkeys on it!!!
Scout has the same 3 so, of course, we’re matching girlfriends!


Saturday Ma and I sat on the porch facing Southwest towards Miss Snickers direction. If you don’t know, Miss Snickers was very ill and so close to leaving us. But due to all the love and well wishes she received worldwide she made a miraculous recovery. A BONE-IFIDED MIRACLE!

Now a true angel

My good friends Jake and Fergy organized a worldwide event!! Not a small paw to undertake but a successful one indeed! I know many of my friends were so worried and our girl Asta stayed up all night wishing on stars.

Ma and I lit a candle and sat thinking pawsitive thoughts and sending loving vibes to Miss Snickers. We continue to have her in our thoughts.


Sunday another on of my BFFs Miss Harley and myself went to the off-leash park for a day of running, romping and roaming.

Please click on a picture for the larger’s worth the click!

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Ruvin’ from Autumn

Hi All,
Today Ma drove me to Madison, WI about 50 miles East of home to visit a nice lady named Dr.Jenn.

Dr. Jenn made me feel welcomed and then began a series of physical tests on me. She checked my eyes, my ears, my temperature, my attention, even my reflexes!

She talked to ma and asked lots of questions.

She put me in a room and played different sounds to see my reaction.
She also made me sniff things.
Then she turned off the lights and used flashlights on the walls. This scared me!!

She checked my eyesight reactions and then tried the flashlights again.
She knew this was causing my anxiety.
She said many dogs like me develop anxiety from flashes, like lightning.

But what is the source of flashes if there’s no lightning?

Ma told her there hadn’t been any storms at our home in months. She told her that all the window drapes and shades have been closed for over a week now. Ma keeps it pretty dark inside because it seems to keep me calmer.

Dr. Jenn said that it appears as if I got it into my head that there’s shiny lights on the walls and, because they were so scary, I keep looking for them even though they are not there.

But where did these shiny lights come from?

After much discussion Ma and the Doc figured out what the most likely cause is. Since my fears have only developed over the past month or so it seems to correlate with the changing of the season.

When I moved here there were many leaves on all the trees that line the front (North side) of my home. Beyond that is a street. Not a busy street but cars do drive up and down this street at different times.

The sun shines throughout the day from the east, south and then west. The sun can easily shine onto the cars driving along the north side, reflect onto any metal or glass on the auto and created a shine straight toward the big sliding glass windows in the front of our place.

During the summer, these lights were obstructed by all the trees and their leaves. But now with the leaves all but gone there is no obstruction which allows any shiny lights straight into the windows and on the walls inside.

So now we know what the cause is! But how do we fix the problem especially since Ma has already been keeping it dark inside?

Ma now has to, very slowly, each day, expose me to those scary shining lights a little at a time.  I also should be taking some calming remedy while she does this.
She said I could use the Vet prescribed tranquillizer or an alternative natural remedy.

She has to ignore my behavior when she does this and pretend everything is normal even though I might be scared.

I don’t wanna do this but the Doc said it’s best for me to learn that the shiny lights are a normal part of my environment.

Doc wants Ma to also use flashlights outside. She said that since I have no troubles outdoors and no fears that I should see these lights in
that environment as to make me think it is also a normal part of things around me. So ma has to carry a flashlight with her when we go for walks and when I’m at my happiest she should shine a light, especially in the daytime, on a tree or side of a building but just for an instant. Just so I see it once and not over and over again so I won’t get scared.

The Doc said she wants to hear my progress in a 4-6 weeks. She gave me some treats and a hugs and sent me home.

I had a relaxing drive back and it was a purty day.

Ma said she is going to take me to the health food store to look for something called Bach Flowers. She received a letter from an important lady who lives all the way over in Europe.
Her name is Kimberly Ann Grobholz. She works with animals and does some interesting studies. Here’s a part of the letter she sent to Ma….

hi, pamela!
zorana told me of your problem with autumn, very strange behavior indeed! as you probably already know from my website, i have the ability to “read” the aura of a living creature (have tested and treated everything from mouse to elephant this way) via a swatch of
its hair/fur. i test through the list of bach flower remedies and get a picture of the psychological state of this specific being. then treating the patient with this flower remedy mixture plus the constitutional “pills” which are homeopathic and exactly right for the patient´s type , a harmonization of the patient´s “inner world” can be initiated. often it is enough just to see where the problems lie so that the owner can make adjustments or behavioral changes in the surroundings…..

You can check out her websites:

Ma said she might send a clipping of my fur to Ms Grobholz for analysis and a psychogram if this flashlight thing doesn’t help.

Anyway, I just ate a nice meal and now I want to sleep before Ma starts flashing lights at me!! BOL!

I want to thank all my friends for their caring thoughts, words and well wishes. Ma said all the support I receive really helps a lot.

Thank you!
All my furry love,

computer Class

Is Ma teaching me to type on the laptop??

Hi All!
I know I have had my share of ups and downs and put Ma through so much worry sometimes.
She took me to see Dr. Tom the Vet on Friday and he wants to put me on Paxil which is an anti-depressant. Ma said NO.

She did some diggin around and found a therapist in Madison, WI and she sounds like a nice, knowledgeable lady. I’m going to see her next week to work on some problem behavior modification and counseling.

In the meantime I’ve been quite busy.
Ma took me shopping and got me some new things.


My new flashy pink harness and doggles!

If I get scared indoors Ma puts the Doggles on me and I fall asleep!

Saturday we went to a pet store to protest against selling Puppy Mill dogs which as you know supports puppy mills and we DO NOT support them!

Ma got into a few “heated” arguments with some folks and the police were called but she eluded jail!
I don’t wanna go back to doggy jail. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!


That's me and and my friend Jasper at the protest. I wore my Puppy Mill Survivor T-shirt.

Sunday we went to Minooka Dog Park.
It’s an off-leash park and I played in the under 15lb area.
I don’t know why I can’t go hang out with the big dogs but Ma said it’s best I stay with the little guys. I had fun though!

I ran with all the others until I couldn’t run no more.
That’s a LIE BOL!!
I could keep going all day but Ma said I needed to rest. But on the way home we stopped for doggy snacks and I came home and fell right to sleep.

I certainly have an active life. But a girlie needs her beauty rest so until next time Lakie lovin to all my friends!

Lakie Smooches,

Autumn 11-3-09

I'm feeling a little betta...relaxing more tonight!

Autumn took one dose at the Vet’s office and it was a roller coaster ride.
She was up and down throughout the afternoon and I suspect it was just her way of dealing with medicine.

She’s still staring but not with all the panting and shaking that went with it the past few days.

She has slept off and on today which is much better than previous days.

I just had her outside for an evening walk when I ran into one of my facebook friends, who also happens to be a neighbor, April who came up up with an interesting thought. She said that it’s possible that my heating unit, which is hydronic radiant floor heating, has been on lately since the weather is cooler and perhaps that is making a sound that reminds Autumn of the puppymill where she spent almost 4 years.
Something in the pipes…a similar sound perhaps..something only she can hear?

Funny that the vet said something similar in passing earlier today.

Anyway, I haven’t given her a second dose since I don’t feel it’s needed yet. Many of her FB friends have suggested looking into herbal remedies, or something less harsh than the chemicals in these anti-anxiety meds.

I feel it is IMPORTANT to share these stories with others just so if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation they know they’re not alone and reading helps the owners deal with problems they might be experiencing with their little loved ones.

This blog is connected to Autumn’s Facebook pages plus our family and her previous rescuers come here to read her progress.

More to come,
Hugs from the 2 of us!