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Autumn’s Ma is Worried…

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Hi all!
Autumn’s Ma here.

The past few weeks I’ve noticed some strange behavior in Autumn. She seems to look at the walls as if she sees something. Then she gets scared and shakes.
The past 3 days it’s gotten much worse.

It’s as though she thinks something is there but nothing is. Nothing new on the walls. No flashes from the TV or outdoor lights.

I’ve even put up darker drapes just to be sure it’s not a light from outdoors creating any flashes on the walls..

I’ve tried to relax her by laying with her in a dark place and a very bright place. I’ve tried putting her in a dark, open door closet with her beddie and toys.

Last night I couldn’t get her to sleep.

I ran her around the neighbor to get her good and tired.
She’s fine outside! But as soon as she came in she went back to cowering and shaking, panting really heavy. I tried putting her in the kitchen, the bathroom, on the sofa in the living area.

I tried leaving the porch door open, I tried playing music,  I tried the TV, I tried playing with her….doing anything to distract her. Nothing is working!!

This isn’t just at night but all day too. She just looks at the walls and ceiling and sees something that’s not there! I’ve been miserable for the past 3 days trying to help her and trying to make it right. But I don’t see anything. I don’t see what she sees.

Is it her eyes? Is it in her head?
Is this just a passing thing??
Does she need to see a doggie psychiatrist??
Should I buy some Doggles?

These are the same walls that she’s been accustomed to for months!

I finally put a blind fold on her. SHE FELL ASLEEP.

I don’t think I can do that every night. I don’t know what’s wrong and the vets says that I “need to find the source of her anxiety”.
But there isn’t anything!!

I’ll keep everyone apprised of this situation. In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions please let us know.

Many Thanks, Pamela


***the following videoclips show a bit of how she’s been acting. You can see her shake and look around.


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You’ve got us completely baffled. We’ll be thinking about this, Pamela as we move through the day. Do you think maybe she HEARS something? Like, maybe, mice? I know Jake can hear birds in bushes when we’re still a long ways away from them. He only lunges toward the bushes where birds are roosting, and he’s almost always right. Maybe Autumn hears something behind the walls?

We’ll keep thinking. Good luck.
Jake and Fergi and their people

Gee, we have no idea but we don’t like that you’re frightened, Autumn! It has to be something!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

This is very scary! I’m sorry you and your mom are going through this. If I were you, I would think about posting about this problem on the Manners in Minutes google group; there are a bunch of Lakeland Terrier owners (so they know a lot about dog anxiety issues since we Lakies are pretty anxious and really helped me with my separation anxiety) and people with a TON of dog experience (including at least 1 vet who posts regularly) who might be able to give you suggestions.
Tosca and the homes

Just got back from the vet where they put Autumn on Alprazolam….apparently this is an anti-anxiety medicine. They want her to take it until Friday and see how she’s doing at that time.

This Vet said it could be something that is going on in the neighborhood that her acute hearing or smell can detect and us humans can’t.

as JAKE (see above reply) mentioned it could be something in the surrounding area, like the eaves, that she detects.

Vet said that since she has never been here during cold-weather, only warm-weather, that the heating unit could have something to do with it since it’s been running lately.

Strange thing is when she’s outside she’s completely FINE….running, playing and as normal as she gets.

Hopefully she’ll be able to get some rest now on this medicine. Doctor says if I can increase the dosage if she needs more sedation.

My poor little baby girl…

Vet also said that this medicine may help her through any adjustment period that she may be experiencing. He said she’s not alone in her trouble. Others experience the same feelings of anxiety. Just like us humans!

I gave her a dose before we left the Vet’s office. They said it takes affect right away. I think they were right because as I type this she just finished eating and now is in the floor, wagging her tail, and chewing on her favorite toy.

Those are some fast acting meds!

I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for caring!

How vewy scaiwy
Youw Mom is a wondewful hooman who loves you so much and is soo’s hawd when we can’t tell them what’s bothewing us, and sometimes we don’t even know.
I’m so glad that the medcin seems to be giwls need ouw booty west (hoomans too)
I’m cwossing my paws that younevew feel that way again smoochie kisses

Hi Beauty Asta,
Autumn is resting right now.

The medicine is a rollercoaster.
But I think Autumn needs to get use to being…not in balance…things must seem different to her on this medicine. All afternoon she’s had moments where she’s playing with her toys, a somewhat insatiable appetite, staring quietly and napping.

She hasn’t slept more than 2 hours but that’s more than she has been so I’m happy she’s getting some rest.

She sure appreciates you’re caring.

Hugs from Autumn’s Ma

Hey, Autumn, do you have any doggie friends in the neighborhood? What if you try having one of them come over and see if they hear or smell or see whatever you do? Very scary for you and ma. I hope you get it figured out soon. Keep us posted.

Hi Connie,
Yes… Autumn has many friends who come by all the time. They don’t seem to act any differently only Autumn but of course when her friends are here she’s fine.
We don’t ever leave Autumn alone. When I’m not here her Aunties are and she is watched over 24/7. Everyone notices the change in Autumn and are baffled.

The vets says that if she can’t seem to get past this that we’ll go to the next stage and put her on doggie ‘Paxil’.

Here’s hoping the medicine helps her get past this and not just keeps the problem masked.

Hugs to big Max!

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