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Less intense this eve!

Posted on: November 4, 2009

Autumn 11-3-09

I'm feeling a little betta...relaxing more tonight!

Autumn took one dose at the Vet’s office and it was a roller coaster ride.
She was up and down throughout the afternoon and I suspect it was just her way of dealing with medicine.

She’s still staring but not with all the panting and shaking that went with it the past few days.

She has slept off and on today which is much better than previous days.

I just had her outside for an evening walk when I ran into one of my facebook friends, who also happens to be a neighbor, April who came up up with an interesting thought. She said that it’s possible that my heating unit, which is hydronic radiant floor heating, has been on lately since the weather is cooler and perhaps that is making a sound that reminds Autumn of the puppymill where she spent almost 4 years.
Something in the pipes…a similar sound perhaps..something only she can hear?

Funny that the vet said something similar in passing earlier today.

Anyway, I haven’t given her a second dose since I don’t feel it’s needed yet. Many of her FB friends have suggested looking into herbal remedies, or something less harsh than the chemicals in these anti-anxiety meds.

I feel it is IMPORTANT to share these stories with others just so if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation they know they’re not alone and reading helps the owners deal with problems they might be experiencing with their little loved ones.

This blog is connected to Autumn’s Facebook pages plus our family and her previous rescuers come here to read her progress.

More to come,
Hugs from the 2 of us!


10 Responses to "Less intense this eve!"

Oh NO! We just saw your post. Poor Autumn! Our Rowan (a welsh terrier rescue) use to have a very odd ‘routine’ in the garden – he actually wore a path in the grass – and he kept leaping into a shrub – we thought it was due to all that time he spent in a pen – sort of compulsive behaviour – but we discovered after a almost a year that a fox burrowed under the shrub and he was entering our garden from there – also the little beast stole some of Rowan’s toys and buried them under the shrub!!!! So the other posts may be right – there may be something we do not notice that she does.

If possible (wear lots of jumpers) – did you try turning the heating off and see if the behaviour goes away? Also can you pet sit someones dog? You said that she ignores it when she has friends over – maybe if it is a sound or smell – a calm furry pal will help her realise it is nothing to react to? Paddy is really mellow – and this has helped Sally calm down a lot.

Not sure if this is helpful or if you have tried this before – terriers are anxious by nature – so it is so hard to understand what is up.

Hope she has slept – hugs
D, Sally and Paddy

Hi lit’ Sweeties!
That is a great idea. I may try to bring one of her friends here for a sleepover! See if that keeps her calm.

I’ve got the heat down but with that medication in her system I’m not certain if it’s meds or ?? keeping her a bit calmer.

I had a Welsh terrier prior to Autumn. I know what mischief makers they can be!

That’s a great story and I’m glad it had a happy albeit surprising ending. LOL stealing his toys?? LOL!!

That’s hilarious!

We think the idea of the herbal remedies is a great one, Autumn! Our paws are still crossed that whatever is scaring you just goes away forever!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

I’m sending lots of lovey vibes to Autumn! Hope she continues to improve.

I’m so glad you’re doing better! We don’t like change so much do we? It’ll just take a little time. Take care, you two! šŸ™‚

You awe looking especially bootiful in that pwo file pictoowe.
I’m soo glad that you awe bettew.
I hope you stay well and don’t have to take too many medcins.Isn’t it gweat that we have so many fwiends wif helpful ideas at a time like this?
Please stay well sweet fwiend! I love you
smoochie kisses

Hi there
I found you by researching puppy mills. I see you have
the same friends as I do and wanted to introduce myself.
I am so against the cruelty of these horrid humans, backyard breeders.

Hello Deetzy!
I stopped by your blog and signed your pawsbook!


Autumn. I’m so sad to read all the horrid stuffs you have been through lately. I hope your Mom can figure out the cause. Couldn’t see the video to know how upset you are but one thought….has your Mum ever tried a Calming Band on you Autumn? They are the most wonderful things for reassuring you. Mom uses one on me when I’m..hmm.. a little wired and frightened. Calms me right down. Instantly. Mom thinks they are miraculous. We have them here in the UK on a Tellington Touch site. If you want one and can’t get in the US I would be very happy to send you one if you think it will help. (Leave a message in my C Box or please mail me)

I can see you have had some wonderful help and Sally’s ideas lwere brilliant. Isn’t blogging the best? Hope you’ll be cured and happy again very soon Autumn. Love and kissies to you and your Mom. Eric xxxxx

Hi Eric,
Ma said she didn’t know about this band but she’s looking into it straightaway.
She will surely let you know if she’s unable to locate one.

All of my friends have come to my rescue with many great ideas and I love them for it. This band sounds like something I should try!!

I’m sending big Lakie licks and shakin my tail lots to you across the big blue.

Much Luv,
Your square cousin Autumn

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