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Doctors, Meds, and FUN stuff too

Posted on: November 8, 2009

Hi All!
I know I have had my share of ups and downs and put Ma through so much worry sometimes.
She took me to see Dr. Tom the Vet on Friday and he wants to put me on Paxil which is an anti-depressant. Ma said NO.

She did some diggin around and found a therapist in Madison, WI and she sounds like a nice, knowledgeable lady. I’m going to see her next week to work on some problem behavior modification and counseling.

In the meantime I’ve been quite busy.
Ma took me shopping and got me some new things.


My new flashy pink harness and doggles!

If I get scared indoors Ma puts the Doggles on me and I fall asleep!

Saturday we went to a pet store to protest against selling Puppy Mill dogs which as you know supports puppy mills and we DO NOT support them!

Ma got into a few “heated” arguments with some folks and the police were called but she eluded jail!
I don’t wanna go back to doggy jail. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!


That's me and and my friend Jasper at the protest. I wore my Puppy Mill Survivor T-shirt.

Sunday we went to Minooka Dog Park.
It’s an off-leash park and I played in the under 15lb area.
I don’t know why I can’t go hang out with the big dogs but Ma said it’s best I stay with the little guys. I had fun though!

I ran with all the others until I couldn’t run no more.
That’s a LIE BOL!!
I could keep going all day but Ma said I needed to rest. But on the way home we stopped for doggy snacks and I came home and fell right to sleep.

I certainly have an active life. But a girlie needs her beauty rest so until next time Lakie lovin to all my friends!

Lakie Smooches,


5 Responses to "Doctors, Meds, and FUN stuff too"

You look HOT!!!
I’m so pwoud of you fow doing that pwotest! I HATE pupymills!!!
Youw Mommi is wondewful fow twying altewnative ways of helping you , instead of going fow the dwugs..sometimes that’s the only thing that helps, but you have to twy othew things fiwst.Youw Mommi wocks!
smoochie kisses

Autumn. You are so brave. Despite your worries. We are really proud of you for speaking up against puppy mills. You know how we feel about them. We are happy to hear you may be finding some strategies to help you with your recent troubles … it sounds like you might be on to something. We know how complicated it can all be. Give your moma a big thankful lick for all she’s doing to try to help you.

We love you
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Whoa! You at you strutting your stuff down the street, Autumn!
We hope the therapist can help you out!
We’re glad your mom didn’t have to go to jail! That would have been horrible.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Hey Autumn, you look great in all your new gear!
Great protestin’ job too! Sometimes you gotta get people all riled up to get your point across!
Murphy Dogg

Well done Autumn – power to the puppies! Puppy Mills need to be banned!

Glad you are trying alternative therapies – Paddy has similar doggles – he needs them because of his eye troubles – he hates them though – we have to fight him to get them on.

Hope the therapist can help you

Lots of licks

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