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Doggie Behavioral Specialist Visit

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Hi All,
Today Ma drove me to Madison, WI about 50 miles East of home to visit a nice lady named Dr.Jenn.

Dr. Jenn made me feel welcomed and then began a series of physical tests on me. She checked my eyes, my ears, my temperature, my attention, even my reflexes!

She talked to ma and asked lots of questions.

She put me in a room and played different sounds to see my reaction.
She also made me sniff things.
Then she turned off the lights and used flashlights on the walls. This scared me!!

She checked my eyesight reactions and then tried the flashlights again.
She knew this was causing my anxiety.
She said many dogs like me develop anxiety from flashes, like lightning.

But what is the source of flashes if there’s no lightning?

Ma told her there hadn’t been any storms at our home in months. She told her that all the window drapes and shades have been closed for over a week now. Ma keeps it pretty dark inside because it seems to keep me calmer.

Dr. Jenn said that it appears as if I got it into my head that there’s shiny lights on the walls and, because they were so scary, I keep looking for them even though they are not there.

But where did these shiny lights come from?

After much discussion Ma and the Doc figured out what the most likely cause is. Since my fears have only developed over the past month or so it seems to correlate with the changing of the season.

When I moved here there were many leaves on all the trees that line the front (North side) of my home. Beyond that is a street. Not a busy street but cars do drive up and down this street at different times.

The sun shines throughout the day from the east, south and then west. The sun can easily shine onto the cars driving along the north side, reflect onto any metal or glass on the auto and created a shine straight toward the big sliding glass windows in the front of our place.

During the summer, these lights were obstructed by all the trees and their leaves. But now with the leaves all but gone there is no obstruction which allows any shiny lights straight into the windows and on the walls inside.

So now we know what the cause is! But how do we fix the problem especially since Ma has already been keeping it dark inside?

Ma now has to, very slowly, each day, expose me to those scary shining lights a little at a time.  I also should be taking some calming remedy while she does this.
She said I could use the Vet prescribed tranquillizer or an alternative natural remedy.

She has to ignore my behavior when she does this and pretend everything is normal even though I might be scared.

I don’t wanna do this but the Doc said it’s best for me to learn that the shiny lights are a normal part of my environment.

Doc wants Ma to also use flashlights outside. She said that since I have no troubles outdoors and no fears that I should see these lights in
that environment as to make me think it is also a normal part of things around me. So ma has to carry a flashlight with her when we go for walks and when I’m at my happiest she should shine a light, especially in the daytime, on a tree or side of a building but just for an instant. Just so I see it once and not over and over again so I won’t get scared.

The Doc said she wants to hear my progress in a 4-6 weeks. She gave me some treats and a hugs and sent me home.

I had a relaxing drive back and it was a purty day.

Ma said she is going to take me to the health food store to look for something called Bach Flowers. She received a letter from an important lady who lives all the way over in Europe.
Her name is Kimberly Ann Grobholz. She works with animals and does some interesting studies. Here’s a part of the letter she sent to Ma….

hi, pamela!
zorana told me of your problem with autumn, very strange behavior indeed! as you probably already know from my website, i have the ability to “read” the aura of a living creature (have tested and treated everything from mouse to elephant this way) via a swatch of
its hair/fur. i test through the list of bach flower remedies and get a picture of the psychological state of this specific being. then treating the patient with this flower remedy mixture plus the constitutional “pills” which are homeopathic and exactly right for the patient´s type , a harmonization of the patient´s “inner world” can be initiated. often it is enough just to see where the problems lie so that the owner can make adjustments or behavioral changes in the surroundings…..

You can check out her websites:

Ma said she might send a clipping of my fur to Ms Grobholz for analysis and a psychogram if this flashlight thing doesn’t help.

Anyway, I just ate a nice meal and now I want to sleep before Ma starts flashing lights at me!! BOL!

I want to thank all my friends for their caring thoughts, words and well wishes. Ma said all the support I receive really helps a lot.

Thank you!
All my furry love,

computer Class

Is Ma teaching me to type on the laptop??


5 Responses to "Doggie Behavioral Specialist Visit"

Ohhhhhhhhhh sweet Aututmn…..
we’re sooooooooo sorry for our absence and not reading your post to know your problems!!!!!
Poor baby!!!!!!
We read all you past post……what’s happening sweety????
We’re sooooooo worried for you!!!!!!
But in the last post we read your Vet seems to have found a solution….
We Hope these bad flashing lights don’t scared you too much….
If you need help we’ll run to you and will be your Guardian Angel…
We’re sooooooo sad you’re sooooooo scary!!!!!
Be strong baby….we’re close to you!!!!!
We’ll keep you in our prayers and paws and fingers are crossed for you!!!!
And hope Ms Grobholz could help you!!!!!
Let us know when you’ll can!!!!!!!
Tons of love for you and your mommy!!!!!!

i just wead youw vewy eventful visit to the dogtow lady,
it sounds intewesting and makes sense to me, but then I’m just a doggie, hehehe
I suwe hope it wowks. It’s cewtainly wowf a twy, nothing painful ow dangewous and vewy logical.
I will cwoss my paws that you get totally bettew
smoochie kisses
pee ess. I think youw mom is pawsome to do all this to help you

Hey Autumn,
Sounds like your ma found you a real smart doc and you should be better real soon! That German lady is right, we use Bach Rescue Remedy when we’re freaked out and it works great!
Murphy Dogg

Really? Wow Murp..that’s wonderful news. thank u so much for sharing!

Hi Autumn. Sounds as though things are getting better for you. Clever Mom finding the right dogtor for you. Mom just realised she needs to pee mail you….sheeshe we are so sorry. Oh and Mom has used Bach’s Rescue Remedy for me in the past – works!

Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxx

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