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Meds Free!

Posted on: November 16, 2009

Special thanks to Daisy and her mum Zo, my WFT square cousin Eric and all my very dear Bloggie Doggies and Facebook friends for letters, emails, and messages of good thoughts, well wishes, and helpful suggestions. They stand testament to Together we can make miracles happen!!!

Hi blogie friends!

It’s been almost a week and I have been meds free! Ma is so happy. She’s been getting so many emails from friends offering great advice and she’s taking it all to heart!

She got herbal remedies that she sprays on me, and some she puts in my water dish.

She’s got me on a low-protein diet and giving me vitamins.

She has a band that she wraps around my torso that helps me feel secure.

And lastly, we’ve been doing the “flashlight” therapy and I think it’s going well. I got scared a few times but I think, like puppy steps, I’m slowly getting more confident.

I’m know I’m NOT outta the woods YET but we’re working slow but sure towards a resolve. A NEW AND IMPROVED AUTUMN is just around the corner!!!

In the meantime, we’ve been busy doing lots of other stuff….

I received a package in the snailmail from my BFF in Chicago. Miss Scout. She sent me a cute Turkey day card and some bootiful gifts.

She sent me 3 Turkey day kerchiefs! One has Turkeys on it!!!
Scout has the same 3 so, of course, we’re matching girlfriends!


Saturday Ma and I sat on the porch facing Southwest towards Miss Snickers direction. If you don’t know, Miss Snickers was very ill and so close to leaving us. But due to all the love and well wishes she received worldwide she made a miraculous recovery. A BONE-IFIDED MIRACLE!

Now a true angel

My good friends Jake and Fergy organized a worldwide event!! Not a small paw to undertake but a successful one indeed! I know many of my friends were so worried and our girl Asta stayed up all night wishing on stars.

Ma and I lit a candle and sat thinking pawsitive thoughts and sending loving vibes to Miss Snickers. We continue to have her in our thoughts.


Sunday another on of my BFFs Miss Harley and myself went to the off-leash park for a day of running, romping and roaming.

Please click on a picture for the larger’s worth the click!

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Ruvin’ from Autumn


8 Responses to "Meds Free!"

BWAVA!!! Autumn I’m so vewy happy to heaw this news..I think all ouw pawsitive thoughts awe helping..We’we so vewy lucky to belong to such a cawing gwoup aof fwiends. You and scout look gowgeous in youw matching thanksgiving kewchiefs!
and that day at the pawk is soopew! Being off leash in a safe bootiful place like that wif good fwiends is the best. I loved seeing you wunning and playing chasey wif youw pals..
This news makes the stawt of the week pawfect!
keep going wif youw youw steps, you awe making faboolous pwogwess..I’m happy and pwoud of you
smoochie kisses

Yay! I’m happy you’re doing so much better. It’s great that your homie is so dedicated to you (as they should be, ya know!). Which wrap are you using? My homie was going to look into that for when I’m alone because I still get a little stressed out by that.

Tosca – This is a band called Tru-Fit. It’s one piece wrap woven with neoprene and velcro. You can make it as tight or as lose as you need. When I feel scared she wraps it around me nice and snug and I seem to feel betta.

She ordered another one that hasn’t arrived yet called. It’s called T-Touch and ma found someone in Florida who sells them here in the States. I’m not sure if I’m gonna like that one tho ‘cuz it has to go over my muzzle and I’m not much for that!

But I’m willing to try anything that might help!

Hugs from Autumn

Thanks, Autumn! Actually I just remember I came across a similar product before that you might like better than the T-Touch. There’s that one, and another one on this site that’s a cape.

THAT looks almost exactly like what I have now except mine is black and red!! Pawsome!!

And Ma did look into that Cape…but she said that is mainly for static electricity generated by lightening and thunder storms so she felt it wouldn’t work well for my troubles.

THANK YOU for posting that info Tosca! You are a real luv!!

MEds free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great great great news sweet Autumn!!!
We were sooooooooooo worried for you!!!!
And now we are sooooooooooo happy!!!!!
Even if your diet sound a little bad….but…..ok…..we think you could bear it for your healthy!!!!!!
And you had a wonderful day with your friend Miss Harley!!!!
You look sooooo happy together!!!and tons of new friends!!!
We love your bandana…..awwwwwwwwww………’re soooooooooo beautiful!!!
Thanks for sharing with us that wonderful news baby…we needed good news!!!!
And our prayers are for Miss Snickers…and all our friends whom aren’t feeling better now!!!!!!!!
Take care of you sweet princess!!!!!
WE LOVE YOU ANd we send you tons of love….kisses…licks and hugs!!!!!

This is great news, Autumn! Things are moving in such a positive direction for you and we’re so happy to hear it!
It look like you and Harley had a wonderful time playing at the park!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Autumn…OMD…we just got caught up on your bloggie, and Asta has been givin’ us updates from ur facebook page…sheesch…

You got the shakes and pants??? One weird night about a year ago I started doing that…just freakin’ out…I also have a history of seizures…I’ve pretty much grown outta them, knock on wood…they weren’t very bad and Mumsie was worried if this pantin’ and shakin’ stuff was a kinda seizure…so she dragged me to the emergency vet…soon as I got in there I settled right down and made her look like an ass..(and they said it wasn’t seizure kinda activity…more like I was terrified)….plus she got a lot poorer really fast. She drove me home…as soon as I got in our door I freaked out again….I eventually went to sleep…I did it again some the next day, but it went away and it’s been gone since. I have a total phobia of thunderstorms and fireworks…Mumsie’s gonna order one of those wraps for me that you mentioned…sheesch…I didn’t know we Lakies were so complicated!!

Course we are adorable….I’m soooo glad ur doin’ better…

Hugs and Lakie kisses…


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