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Gobble Gobble

Posted on: November 27, 2009

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving and for those of you who don’t celebrate it I hope you had a fun day just the same!

I went to grandma’s for turkey day and played in the backyard with my big cousins

Bear, an Akita, and Smokey, Bear’s offspring mix, (pic from last winter)


and Cleopatra…she’s what we call a ‘poi dog’. That’s Hawaiian for a mixed breed. Cleo is all kinds of poi dogs!


All 4 of us ran around in the straw until we reached the mud underneath it all. And that WAS FUN! Of course grandma didn’t think so.

She brought me in and made me take a bath. The best part was when she put me on her bed and wrapped me in a heating blankie. I fell asleep. Later Ma brought me in some bites of pork tenderloin, ham and turkey breast. YAY

Then I played with all my small cousins


Beegee, a poodle,


Lucky, a poodle/terrier mix,


and Teddy, a Lhasa Apso.

I also played with all my kitty cousins but there are far too many to name. All of my furry cousins at grandma’s house are all rescues or found strays. Grandma had a BIG heart!

So, I came home exhausted and went right to bed. Later ma fed me my normal dinner and took me out for a walk. I shouldn’t really say walk because it’s more like run-time. Ma trusts me enough to leave me leash-less so we play run around and chase each other! It’s so fun.
Ma can never keep up with me HA HA HA!

So that was my Turkey day in a nutshell. YAY

Other than that it’s been baby steps towards my therapy. Ma and I work on it everyday. Sometimes I’m ok for the most part. Other days it’s not so good. The good news is that I am STILL meds free!
Ma seems to know how to help calm me and my wrap-around works nicely to help me feel secure.

That’s all for now. I’m glad I could share my stories with you all.

P.S. Don’t forget to get those home addresses to me if you haven’t already done so. Send them to autumnlakelandterrier @ gmail .com




4 Responses to "Gobble Gobble"

We love your great stories, and it sounds like you had a wonderful Turkey Day. We can just imagine you running around, leash free, tail waggin and ears flapping! Fly! And Enjoy!

Jake and Fergi xxoo

WOWOWOWOWOO Sweet Autumn….
sure you had a wonderful Turkey day…
tons of friends and fun!!!!
What a lucky girl you’re…..
wish were with you there and playing together!!!!
and we’re very very very happy to hear you’re getting a little beter!!!
We think of you every day….
you’re our litle hero… strong and all will end very very soon!!!
Tons of love and licks!!!

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your doggie friends, Autumn! Being wrapped in a heated blankie after your bath sounds pretty nice to us!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Hi square cousin! Lovely stories of your Turkey day with all you cousins.How lwagging Grandma has a big heart and provides you with playmates – and heated blankies too. She sounds the best sort of Grandma to have Autumn. I bet you were thankful.

I’m so happy you are meds free Autumn and that the wrap is helping you. Big steps are sometimes disguised as baby steps,I know you are getting there…wooohooooo!!!

Wiry loves and kissies Eric xxxx

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