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If you don’t know about this I’ll catch you up real fast:
My friend Reynard and his mum in the UK sent a Christmas package to me weeks ago via UPS. The package was seized in Louisville by the UPS under a USDA restriction rule. They were going to destroy the package if Lorraine didn’t pay to have it returned back to the UK.

The UPS man came this morning with package in hand for a Miss A. L. Terrier
That’s Autumn Lakeland Terrier…ME!! YAY

I knew it was the package that Lorraine and Rey had sent via Express UPS weeks ago.

The UPS man said that I owed them $20.75 for the package. WHAT??

Lorraine, the sender paid for this package and paid EXPRESS money to get it here before Christmas…this is what Ma told the UPS man.

He said he’d go back to his truck and double check.

And came back and said we could either pay the $20.75 or refuse the package.

Ma didn’t want to refuse it after all Lorraine had been through to get it to us. So she gave the man a check.

Here’s what the package looks likes….and you can click on any pic for a larger view!

I hope Homeland Security checked it for bombs!!!!

Looks all secure. And a perfectly harmless rag toy…but where’s the Alligator??

There was a purty card!

Sorry and photo quality but it was very purty!

And a wonderful sentiment from Lorraine and Reynard!

I can’t imagine how much expense this cost Lorraine on her end in the UK and all the emails, phone calls and time it took to resolve this matter. And then to charge US to get the package…WOW that’s just insane business practice!

Well hopefully UPS made loads of money off their customers this year but THE GOOD NEWS IS as soon as Ma tossed the rag toy…I jumped right on it and started to rip it apart! FUN YAY!!!!

So I say MANY THANKS to Lorraine and Reynard!!!

Reynard and his Mum

I’m sad they confiscated the alligator but very glad we had a happy, albeit expensive, resolve!


My first Christmas was FUN!! YAY

Wow! I think I may have to sleep for a week. I’m exhausted from all the activities and parties. My favorite part was opening presents and eating yummy stuff especially the special holiday doggie treats!! Boy am I full!!

Grandma helped me open presents while Ma tried so hard to take pitures. Sadly for her I wasn’t having her spoil my Christmas with the camera and refused to cooperate.

I hope all my friends have had a wonderful Christmas!

I got a squeeky Squirrel

My uncle Gary gave me a new purty dress

My NEW winter coat! YAY

I got this cute bear from's called Build A Bear! She's my Bodyguard


Lakie love from Autumn 2 U!!

Well Ma and I have been busy cleaning, cooking, baking and decorating for our Christmas Party.

One day it's all green and dry

The next day I'm standing in snow for the first time

I’ve been enjoying the new snow that has fallen. I like to rub my face in it. IT’S FUN!! YAY!

We’ve also been going to parties….

Ma and I visited my girl friend Harley for Christmas tea

Ma holds me thinking that will help get me to look at the camera...BAH!!

Ma decorates the inside as well as outside

My Stocking is filled with something that looks yummy!!

Pressies for me!!!!

My sweet little friend Elway sent me a package filled with goodies. But I can’t open them until Christmas.

My good pal Elway ... he lives in Washington state

Ma made some Peppermint bark in white and milk chocolate

365 days of Ulysseness!!

My good friend Ulysse sent me a grand 2010 calendar. He and his Mum made it together and packaged it up to send me all the way from France!! YAY!!

You MUST go see his new doggie bloggie Ulysse Des Irreductibles Cathares There’s something very special he has written!!

I got many holiday cards

I’ve been getting mail almost daily and many cards arrive for me from friends all over the world!

My friend Rey lives in the UK

I have a friend, Reynard who lives with his mum, Lorraine, in the UK. They sent me a surprise package via Fedex express. But there was a problem when it arrived in the US. All the effort and expense Lorraine and Rey went through to get me a surprise package went awry when Fedex said they would not deliver the parcel because something in it contained animal-by-products. Lorraine assured Fedex that it was only a toy with veggie-based chew. I talked with somewone there who told me they would either destroy the parcel or return it to the UK at Lorrianes’ expense!! YIKES! How unfair is that??
She’s been emailing the woman in charge for over a week now trying to get a resolve and I do hope they can work something out.

My friend Ced from UK...he's the most adorable Bedlington!

Anyway I have been getting many virtual Holiday cards from friends and so many well wishes. I don’t know how lucky I am!!

I guess for now Ma and I will finish preparations for our dinner party and we’ll have more news and pictures again soon!

HUGS from Autumn


This one is for Jon (Ma’s hubby in Hawaii)
Hi Poppa…Mele Kalikimaka, Aloha nui !

Ma sometimes wonders why I won’t look at her.
She’s resigned herself to the fact that I don’t give kisses, won’t lay next to her on her bed or jump on her lap on the sofa.

She must know that I was never held as a pup nor for the first 4 years of my life. All I knew was a cage. A place to lay until I gave birth. My pups and I never bonded. They were taken away from me as soon as they were strong enough to leave me.

She doesn’t wonder why I get scared at noises or flashing lights. She understands. But she gets sad because I don’t know how to love or what love is. She is hopeful that one day I will understand.

Ma has patience. She watches me carefully, gives me space. She allows me freedom but won’t let me overstep boundaries. She sometimes thinks that I “get it” other times she’s left confused.

I have come a long way in the 9 months we’ve been together. I’m learning what being a dog is about. I like being a free dog. I can run and play and when I do Ma is sooo happy just watching me.

I can walk up and down stairs now and drink out of a bowl. I have barked a few times and they were good, solid barks!
I walk up to strangers to say hello and others like me I easily play with if they’re willing!
I run without a lease and never get too far from Ma.

Yes, I still walk around with my tail between my legs but I’m getting better … baby steps.

As my square cousin Eric said…”Big steps are sometimes disguised as baby steps”

I know Ma gets frustrated at times but it never lasts long because she understands.

I am working real hard on bringing out the special dog she knows resides inside me.

One day I might look her in the eyes and even give her a kiss.

xoxo Autumn

Got a purty new dress for the holidays. It’s got a little hat with furry balls attached. I like it!
I also received a couple of holiday kerchiefs from my good friend Scout. She lives in Chicago and she surprised me by sending them. YAY!

My first Christmas with my first holiday wardrobe.
I feel like a princess!!