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9 Months of Understanding

Posted on: December 3, 2009

Ma sometimes wonders why I won’t look at her.
She’s resigned herself to the fact that I don’t give kisses, won’t lay next to her on her bed or jump on her lap on the sofa.

She must know that I was never held as a pup nor for the first 4 years of my life. All I knew was a cage. A place to lay until I gave birth. My pups and I never bonded. They were taken away from me as soon as they were strong enough to leave me.

She doesn’t wonder why I get scared at noises or flashing lights. She understands. But she gets sad because I don’t know how to love or what love is. She is hopeful that one day I will understand.

Ma has patience. She watches me carefully, gives me space. She allows me freedom but won’t let me overstep boundaries. She sometimes thinks that I “get it” other times she’s left confused.

I have come a long way in the 9 months we’ve been together. I’m learning what being a dog is about. I like being a free dog. I can run and play and when I do Ma is sooo happy just watching me.

I can walk up and down stairs now and drink out of a bowl. I have barked a few times and they were good, solid barks!
I walk up to strangers to say hello and others like me I easily play with if they’re willing!
I run without a lease and never get too far from Ma.

Yes, I still walk around with my tail between my legs but I’m getting better … baby steps.

As my square cousin Eric said…”Big steps are sometimes disguised as baby steps”

I know Ma gets frustrated at times but it never lasts long because she understands.

I am working real hard on bringing out the special dog she knows resides inside me.

One day I might look her in the eyes and even give her a kiss.

xoxo Autumn


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You are a lucky doggy to have a patient mommy. It must be hard and sad for her at times. I hope she will help you overcome all your difficulties, with all the love she can give you in the whole wide world!! Come out of your shell Autumn, you can do it!!

Dear Autumn,

When I came to stay with D and C – I was terrified. My whole world had changed and I was so scared. I use to hide in the kitchen – but D was patient and she just loved me and let me slowly become me. It hasn’t been quick (I am almost 3 years here now) – but you get there eventually

Tell your mommy that she is wonderful for giving you the time and space to grow confident and loving – we know you will come out of your shell and be a natural happy doggie! We promise!

Sally and Paddy

We think in time you will be giving your mommy lots of hugs and kisses, Autumn.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sometimes it just takes TIME, Autumn! Someday, you will give your mom lots and lots of hugs and kisses!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Hi there sweet Autumn……sending more Aire kisses & lots of big

Dale love…….



Hey Autumn,
My 2 little sisters, Ginger and Molly, were just like you when they came to live with us in May 2008. It took them a while, but now we can’t get them to STOP giving kisses and have to kick them out of the bed! Keep making the baby steps, girl, and enjoy what it feels like to be truly loved.
Murphy Dogg

Wow Murf…that’s really encouraging news!

Woohooo thank U!!

Autumn. Oh boy. We could write a book in this comment session. Speaking from experience.

First of all. You are already giving your moma kisses. They may not be the wet sloppy type, but they are expressions of love. The fact that you can run off leash and never get too far from your moma is HOOGE! You love her, and she loves you. That’s why you stay close.

We aren’t here to promise that you will ever jump on the couch or in a lap, or that you will someday always run with your eyes bright and tail up, but we will guarantee that you will continue to make progress. With teeny tiny little baby steps. And your moma will notice them all. And they will all be celebrations.

If you’d ever like to compare notes, Moma said she’d be happy to. We know that rescue mill breeder dogs are sort of a class of our own. A very special one. That’s why moma calls us TwoSpecialWires. It’s wonderful to have pawrents and friends that really “get it.”

Jake (home for not quite two years, and still healing) and Fergi (home for slightly over one year, and still healing)

That’s such a wonderful message of encouragement. This is the reason why I started a blog. I felt I was entering a new world like stranger in a strange land. Since I started I have found wonderful friends and so much love and support.

I may not be like all the other dogs that Ma has had in her life or like other dogs I’ve met but I do feel special just like you two special wires!

I think the more Ma “gets” me the more I’ll get her. And she’s learning more and more everyday!

Much Lakie luvin’ from Autumn

My special square cousin, that postie made me n Mom all teary here. Why? Cos I’m so proud of you Autumn. You are so special and I know you DO love your Mama. For a start off. You walk close to her off lead. That’s your choice because you want to be with her. Just like she wants to be with you. That’s love. Big time. And I bet in time you’ll learn to show it in other ways too.

I’ve seen what progress you’ve made in a very short time with the help of your wise, kind and loving Mama.I bet she’s one in a million. And approaching leggeds, playing with dogs ..woohooo… that’s a BIG DEAL Autumn!!!Mama must make you feel secure to be able to do that.

Remember us squarie friends are tenaciuos terriers- we’ll try to support and help where we can and truly cheer for you when you make those baby BIG steps(in your cute boots tee hee!) Just today Mom was telling her friend all about you when the friend admired you on your cute card and remarked how cool you were!Yep. Bet we think about you more than you know *wink”!!

Wiry loves and kisses from your proud square cousin

Eric xxx

Autumn, Autumn….you are making wonderful progress for a Lakie girlie who has had a tough prior life…some of us Lakie girlies…ahem, um, well…

JUST ARE A LITTLE STINGIER WITH OUR KISSES…and lap sharin’ and having to touch Mumsie all the time like my brothers do…

That makes the kisses we do eventually choose to give all the more special. And when we decide to jump on the hoomans lappie…well, it’s not like it’s an ordinary thing. And I came here to live when I was four months old from a breeder…so I have well no excuses for not being as affectionate as my stoopid brothers…so I celebrate who I am…(Laciegirlie, of course) and Mumsie giggles and calls me her Flakie lakie girl…sheesch…

We just sometimes choose to do things OUR way…

Your mom adores ya girlie…I can tell….

And she knows that you adore her too…

Kisses, dear Autumn….


Thanks a lot for thoose words! They actually brought tears to my eye … and warm fuzzy feeling in my heart…

Some day I’ll explain why!


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