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Christmas is almost here

Posted on: December 24, 2009

Well Ma and I have been busy cleaning, cooking, baking and decorating for our Christmas Party.

One day it's all green and dry

The next day I'm standing in snow for the first time

I’ve been enjoying the new snow that has fallen. I like to rub my face in it. IT’S FUN!! YAY!

We’ve also been going to parties….

Ma and I visited my girl friend Harley for Christmas tea

Ma holds me thinking that will help get me to look at the camera...BAH!!

Ma decorates the inside as well as outside

My Stocking is filled with something that looks yummy!!

Pressies for me!!!!

My sweet little friend Elway sent me a package filled with goodies. But I can’t open them until Christmas.

My good pal Elway ... he lives in Washington state

Ma made some Peppermint bark in white and milk chocolate

365 days of Ulysseness!!

My good friend Ulysse sent me a grand 2010 calendar. He and his Mum made it together and packaged it up to send me all the way from France!! YAY!!

You MUST go see his new doggie bloggie Ulysse Des Irreductibles Cathares There’s something very special he has written!!

I got many holiday cards

I’ve been getting mail almost daily and many cards arrive for me from friends all over the world!

My friend Rey lives in the UK

I have a friend, Reynard who lives with his mum, Lorraine, in the UK. They sent me a surprise package via Fedex express. But there was a problem when it arrived in the US. All the effort and expense Lorraine and Rey went through to get me a surprise package went awry when Fedex said they would not deliver the parcel because something in it contained animal-by-products. Lorraine assured Fedex that it was only a toy with veggie-based chew. I talked with somewone there who told me they would either destroy the parcel or return it to the UK at Lorrianes’ expense!! YIKES! How unfair is that??
She’s been emailing the woman in charge for over a week now trying to get a resolve and I do hope they can work something out.

My friend Ced from UK...he's the most adorable Bedlington!

Anyway I have been getting many virtual Holiday cards from friends and so many well wishes. I don’t know how lucky I am!!

I guess for now Ma and I will finish preparations for our dinner party and we’ll have more news and pictures again soon!

HUGS from Autumn


3 Responses to "Christmas is almost here"

Have a very Merry Christmas and we hope the lady at Fedex remembers the holiday season and gets filled with compassion and delivers your package! How silly!

You got some pawsome cards and gifts – you deserve each and every one!

lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

We can’t wait to see what’s in the package that Elway gave you, Autumn!
Peppermint bark? yummmmmmmmmm
Have a very merry Christmas!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Autumn, it’s pretty obvious that you are beginning to get the hang of the joys of Christmas! Cards. Packages and pressies. Treats. Cameras. Even grumpy people. (We hope that one resolves itself. Sounds ridiculous to us!) We’re pretty sure the camera avoidance may change with time … based on Fergi’s history. (She even recognized Moma’s cell phone camera!)

Anyway, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day and holiday season, in general.

Merry Christmas!
Jake and Fergi xxoo

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