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I had a terrific first Christmas

Posted on: December 26, 2009

My first Christmas was FUN!! YAY

Wow! I think I may have to sleep for a week. I’m exhausted from all the activities and parties. My favorite part was opening presents and eating yummy stuff especially the special holiday doggie treats!! Boy am I full!!

Grandma helped me open presents while Ma tried so hard to take pitures. Sadly for her I wasn’t having her spoil my Christmas with the camera and refused to cooperate.

I hope all my friends have had a wonderful Christmas!

I got a squeeky Squirrel

My uncle Gary gave me a new purty dress

My NEW winter coat! YAY

I got this cute bear from's called Build A Bear! She's my Bodyguard


Lakie love from Autumn 2 U!!


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Wowza that’s a BIG haul! Santa loves you

Bussie Kissies

Hiya Buster!
Thanks for stopping by my bloggie!

Cya on FB!!


What a pretty dress, Autumn, and your treats sure do look yummy! You sure did have a wonderful Christmas!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Thanks guys…the treats were yummy. I actually licked all the coating off first and thrn ate the rest :0)


Waggin’!!!!What a fabbie first Christmas with your Mom and family. Loving your new coat and dress Autumn but could your New Years resolution be to learn to love the camera? I do like to put my mincies on your pretty face square cousin!

Hope Mom managed to sort out the parcel from the UK from your friend. Boy the customs leggeds are meanies. Now I’m off to visit your french pal on his blog.

Wiry love and kisses Eric xx

O my sweet Squousin,

I really don’t like that camera but I will try and keep trying just for YOU!

Say hi to Uly.

Lakie Luvin’ for you!!

Dearest autumn…you definitely had one heck of a Christmas Holiday…Presents & Cards from all over the world…I can feel the love that outpours to you.
I especially love your new winter coat.

Hope your Ma was able to straighten oput those foolish customs hoomans.

PS…Joyce has not gotten her holiday cards out just yet. PC in with Mike the tech next door ! She will get them out asap & post all the Holiday pics soon.

Big Kisses to You & Ma

YAY can’t wait to see um Lily girl.

Oh Autumn…Happiest First Christmas dear Girl!!! We terriers ADORE Christmas!!! And that totally cute coat ya got!!!

We got dingos…and Scruffy buried one in the plant…and got in trouble…stoopid foxy…we Lakies are never naughty!!!

Kisses, Autumn!!!


Hey Autumn,

You must have been a really good girl this year! Happy first Christmas!

Murphy Dogg

Autumn. We were so happy to see you enjoying your first Christmas. We’d been wondering what was in that stocking and what Santa and your family would give to you! Isn’t Christmas wonderful? We JUST got to open some of our pressies this weekend, while we were finally all together with our sissie at home. (She’s gone again.)

About that camera. For nearly a year, whenever Moma would even touch her camera or even her cell phone, I’d bolt. Tail down. Forget looking at the camera. I wouldn’t even stay in the same room. She stuck with it, though, and now I’ll stick around most of the time and will even look her direction. The tail stays down, but I AM making progress. You will too. We are almost positive. It just may take a LONG time.

Now about letting Moma clean my nose? That’s NEVER gonna happen. Even for a treat! Some things just never change!

Happy New Year sweet Autumn.
Fergi (and Jake)

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