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Update on UPS Package

Posted on: December 30, 2009

If you don’t know about this I’ll catch you up real fast:
My friend Reynard and his mum in the UK sent a Christmas package to me weeks ago via UPS. The package was seized in Louisville by the UPS under a USDA restriction rule. They were going to destroy the package if Lorraine didn’t pay to have it returned back to the UK.

The UPS man came this morning with package in hand for a Miss A. L. Terrier
That’s Autumn Lakeland Terrier…ME!! YAY

I knew it was the package that Lorraine and Rey had sent via Express UPS weeks ago.

The UPS man said that I owed them $20.75 for the package. WHAT??

Lorraine, the sender paid for this package and paid EXPRESS money to get it here before Christmas…this is what Ma told the UPS man.

He said he’d go back to his truck and double check.

And came back and said we could either pay the $20.75 or refuse the package.

Ma didn’t want to refuse it after all Lorraine had been through to get it to us. So she gave the man a check.

Here’s what the package looks likes….and you can click on any pic for a larger view!

I hope Homeland Security checked it for bombs!!!!

Looks all secure. And a perfectly harmless rag toy…but where’s the Alligator??

There was a purty card!

Sorry and photo quality but it was very purty!

And a wonderful sentiment from Lorraine and Reynard!

I can’t imagine how much expense this cost Lorraine on her end in the UK and all the emails, phone calls and time it took to resolve this matter. And then to charge US to get the package…WOW that’s just insane business practice!

Well hopefully UPS made loads of money off their customers this year but THE GOOD NEWS IS as soon as Ma tossed the rag toy…I jumped right on it and started to rip it apart! FUN YAY!!!!

So I say MANY THANKS to Lorraine and Reynard!!!

Reynard and his Mum

I’m sad they confiscated the alligator but very glad we had a happy, albeit expensive, resolve!


8 Responses to "Update on UPS Package"

Awe they NUTS??????

Confiscating youw alligatow???
Widicoolous..meantime bad guys awe able to smuggle stuff on boawd planes..
Youw fwiend Weynawd is a cutie and it was so nice of him and his Mum to send you that package.
Have fun wif youw toy
smoochie kisses

What a shame they swiped your gator, Autumn! At least you have the rag toy to play with! That was very nice of Lorraine and Reynard!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Wow, Autumn, that’s one special rope bone!

Wow – those people at UPS sure sound ‘special’ – I will never use them! But I am glad you got your Rope Bone and Card – kindness always prevails.

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

HI Autumn.

That certainly an amazing tale about your package!

We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year, hope it is a grrrrreat one for you.

Molly, Taffy and MOnty

Well poop to UPS. I’m sorry you didn’t get all of your parcel and for Raynard too after all his trouble. Lets go get the mean mail man terriers!

Wiry love Eric x

We hope the alligator bit whoever thought he was very dangerous material. Clamped right down on a finger and held on tight. (That whole experience is sooooo ridiculous.) What do you think happened in the first place. Was it a smelly alligator? Or a noisy one? Why in doG’s name did they even open the package in the first place???? (Now Moma is REALLY happy the tea she sent to the other side of the pee made it. And the lavender and the rosemary. Those might’ve been interpreted as dangerous – or illegal materials, too.)

Some people are so stoopid.

But we are glad you got your rag toy, and had so much fun with it.

Shaking our heads…
Jake and Fergi xxoo

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