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Loving the Cold Weather

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this thing they call snow but I have come to love it. It’s so fun making Ma freeze her bum off while I run and play! YAY!
The colder it is outside, they longer I make Ma stand there watching me.
I run so much in the snow that ma and I have actually made a trail through a field. We call it Autumn’s Trail and when Ma says to run down the trail, off i go!
The trail looms around a tree and comes back up a small incline then around another tree and back again all in about a county-block.

I’ve even gotten brazen enough to go into the huge piles of snow. They were really scary at first but now it’s no problem!

Ma says she’s just happy to have watched me go from stepping on grass when she first got me to running in snow. I’ve done myself proud in 10 months time! YAY

Many of you wonder how my therapy is going. It’s going quite well.
I haven’t fully conquered the scary lights but I’ve been working real hard on it.
My therapist says I’m doing very good and, since it’s only been a couple of months, she expects a slow but steady progress.

So while I work on the scary lights I continue to enjoy the cold weather and snow.
What is it about rubbing my face in the snow that’s so wonderful? I guess it just feels good!!

And Ma will stand patiently, bundled up from head to toe, and watch me play hoping that I will eventually get tired.

BOL!! Little does she know!!!!


A wish for all my friends near and far for happiness, health and lots of yummy bones!!