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Almost a Year!

Posted on: March 2, 2010

If you scroll all the way down to the beginning of this blog you’ll see it’s been a year since I started it. Of course I wasn’t even with Ma when I first started blogging. I was still in the NMDR (National Mill Dog Rescue) Kennels waiting to be driven to my new home.

I like reading back in this journal blog as it reminds me how far I have come and how much progress I’ve made. I’ve had so much encouragement from friends near and far. And I look great!

Check out the pic of skinny little me on the day I arrived to meet my new Ma and then compare the healthy looking me NOW!

This was me when I first came to meet Ma

Look at me one year later

Almost a year! I’m very excited to be celebrating my first year with a home, and people who love me and great friends all over the world.
Ma loves me so much!


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Autumn. What a difference a year makes! You look so beautiful and all those baby steps you’ve taken have led down a very long road to where you are know. Doingw ell. more confident and best of all loved up and happy. I’m wagging for you my square cousin – big time!!

Course I would be even more wagging if you had a wheelie to enter into my contest, there will be 3 winners in each group….fun huh?!

Wiry love, Cousin Eric xxx

Hi cutie…stopped by to do some blog catching up !

Almost one year………….and I’m sure you & Pam are both singing ”

How Sweet It Is ToBe Loved By You ”

Kisses and big hugs to you !

Lily & J

Oh my gosh! Happy almost gotcha day, Autumn! What a long way you’ve come! You are such a beautiful girl!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Autumn – you are so beautiful~ I loves my gurl! Happy, happy, gotcha day!! I am so glad you have a good ma! You deserve it! Smooches from your boyfriend 4-ever, Jackson. (PS – Roxy and mom send Happy Gotcha Day wishes to you too)

We are celebrating right along with you, Autumn! It is so amazingly wonderful to have a furever home and to make baby steps of progress week by week, day by day. Who do you think is luckier? The mill doggies who get another chance at life, or the people who provide the love and opportunity? We ask that question every day! Moma thinks SHE and our Girl are the lucky ones!!

You deserve all the love and cuddles and special things that we know you are receiving. We can see in your eyes. You are BEAUTIFUL!!! And we are soooo happy to know you!

On toward the second year!
Jake and Fergi xxoo

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