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It’s official! At least according to Ma.
I’ve become a proud Lakeland Terrier and Ma is sure proud of me! YAY!

Well, it all started with the chipmunks. Many chipmunks have been popping up, literally, through small holes in the ground. And, as in true Lakeland fashion, I was curious. I began sniffing around for a few days honing my “sniffer” skills. Then I began digging a bit hoping to see one of those rascals. After about a week I became more and more confident in my skills, sniffing and digging and peeking in holes.

Honing my skills

Ma read me a paragraph from the American Kennel Club on Lakelands that states:

The Lakeland Terrier has a dense, wiry coat with longer hair on the legs and muzzle, often giving him a distinct beard. Small, sturdy and workmanlike, the breed’s narrow frame allows him to squeeze into rocky dens to chase after vermin.

Today was the piece de résistance!!
I spotted the vermin and the chase was on!
I stuck my nose in the tiny hole and smelled it. I used all my might to dig that hole out. I scratched and clawed! I even used my teeth to pull the grass out from the ground. I was determined!! Ma had to stop me only to pull out a hunk of soil that was wedged in my teeth.
I was relentless. There was no stopping me.

Ma had never seen me so focused, so engaged! My true Lakeland Terrier had finally kicked into full gear. Ma was so proud.

My face was muddy and my paws had grass and soil stuck between the nails. I was a mess and Ma just laughed as I shined in all my Lakie glory.

I never caught that little chipmunk but I know I had him scared.
I realized…..I never had anything fear me before.
It felt great!
I felt proud.

Ma took me home and washed me up and then I ran to my beddie and grabbed some toys. Me and Ma played and played and we were both so tickled and happy!

It was a great bonding moment for the two of us. She has never been more proud of me. And now I’m sitting on the deck and looking very satisfied if not a tad arrogant. BOL!! And Ma says that’s good for me! YAY!

WoW! How far I have come in 14 months! WeeeeeHa!

Hi Everydoggie!
I’ve been a bit under the weather lately. Ma had to take me to the ER because of runny poos and vomiting. Of course the Doctors couldn’t detect what the cause was and put me on some meds. Many of my Facebook friends gave me loads of ideas on how to get better and I am feeling lots betta!!

Ma took me over to grandmas on Saturday to play with my cousins and that made me feel better too! On Sunday we went to visit an elderly man named Pete who is a friend of our family. He lives in Milwaukee in a “not so good” part of town. But Ma grew up in that area so she doesn’t mind going down there. It was Pete’s birthday and we visited with him in his yard because it was a nice day.

There was this sad looking little pup that lived across the street. I wanted to play with him but Ma said that wasn’t a good idea.
But then Ma saw some boys go up to the dog and start to hit it on it’s head. This made Ma VERY ANGRY.

So Ma walked across the street and asked the boys why they were hitting the dog. One of the fellas on the porch said it was his dog and he could do what he wanted with it. Ma told him that he could do what he wanted until the Human Society comes to take the dog away from him.

Ma walked up to the dog and the boys all started to shout at Ma not to touch the dog. She asked why? They told her that the dog was mean and it would bite her. Ma walked straight to the dog and bent down on her knees and began to pet the pup. It was a sweet little pup and gave Ma kisses. The poor thing looked like it needed some loving.

Ma asked the boys if it was mean then why was he giving her kisses? The boys told her that they “wanted to make it mean” and that she shouldn’t pet it.
Ma talked to it and pet him gently and the dog looked her in the eyes as if he was trying to say SAVE ME. This made Ma every sad.

Poor babe laid in the empty food and short chain

She notice the huge chain that he was attached to. It looked like a car towing chain. And then she saw the chain was kinda tight to it’s neck and the worst part was it was pad locked!!

Notice the thick chain around his neck

Ma tried to get a picture of the padlock but the boys got agitated when Ma started taking pics. Ma asked if the boys had the key to open the lock and loosen the chain. The boys said they had lost the key. This worried Ma so much thinking that this little puppy was going to start growing and the lock and chain would eventually strangle him.

Ma took another picture so she could report this to the proper officials. She also noted that the dog had no water and was tied in the middle of an empty field adjacent to the apparent owners. The boys asked why she was taking the pictures and Ma told them she was going to report them for dog abuse and have the dog taken away from them. All the boys got very quiet and didn’t say anything else while Ma walked back across the street to get me. Then we drove away. Ma was very quiet on the way home too! She was so upset thinking about that poor lit’ pup and others like it and how some people just don’t care how they treat animals.

This is a sad sad day when you have to witness such abuse and are helpless to do anything. Ma said she’ll never forget how that puppy looked into her eyes.

It was a sweet soul

YES! It's time to stop and smell the flowers and take a trip!!

Ma says we get to go on holiday this summer YAY!
So we’re planning a road trip.

I asked my facebook friends where I should go and they gave me loads of ideas. I even had invites to swing by and say hi to some of my doggie pals along the way.

Ma says we must first visit some friends of hers in Minnesota and then she plans on taking me to see Mount Rushmore. Ohh that sounds fun!!
Then she must go to Denver to see her good friend April before we head to San Francisco to meet up with my Pops! Yippee!! I haven’t met my pops yet but Ma says he really nice and he’s flying up from Hawaii to spend time with us. We’re all going to drive down the westcoast together. That should be really fun ‘cuz I never been on a beach before or seen the ocean. Maybe they’ll let me take a swim??

OhBoy I can’t wait!!

And don’t worry…I’m bringing a camera so I can share all my experiences with my pals. YAY!!

I think we’re leaving in June but I’ll be sure to let everydoggie know before I go.
BIG HUGS from Autumn