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Camping Trip

Posted on: June 5, 2010

I'm all set to go!! YAY

We’ve been planning a camping trip for weeks! Ma packed the car so full there was barely any room for us!! We were all set to go. Camping equipment…check.
Food and water…check. Blankets and laptop top…check. Full tank of gas, firewood, ropes…yes, yes and yes. Lets go already!

One last thing…grab batteries for the camera!! Hurry Ma hurry! HUH?
What? What the? Ma!! What’s wrong???
OMD!! Ma? Are you alright?
Your foot! What’s wrong with your foot?? It looks like it’s growing!!

Ma's fractured her foot

Uh Oh! Ma hurt herself. She fractured her ankle. YIKES!!
What’s that you say Ma???
We’re still going?

My Ma is the BEST!!

Off we go to Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Nice drive. Beautiful sunny day.

  • We’ve arrived
  • This is the place...Ottawa Lakes Camping Area

    This is a BIG place

    Campsite 337

    Check in and back the car into #337 campsite.
    OMD! Ma?? How are you going to set up camp with just one foot?

    Wow Ma. You are my hero. It took much longer than expected but you got it done. And we have a great camp!

    Let's unpack the car and set up the tent!

    Let’s explore? stay here Ma and start a fire and all the stuff….I’ll go explore.
    I have to stay on a leash the ENTIRE time I’m here?
    So unfair. well, I’ll make te best of it and explore my camp ground backyard.
    Look Ma!! Squirrels. Lots of birds too! Oh boy I love all the smells.

    Autumn the Great Explorer

    Time for dinner? YAY!! I’m a hungry girl from all the exploring I’ve done.
    I love never having to go indoors. This is soo fun. I can watch everything from my screen tent and when I’m tired I can fall asleep on my beddie!
    Or I can just jump in Ma’s cot and make her sleep on the ground. BOL!!!

    More to come……


    7 Responses to "Camping Trip"

    What a trooper your mom is to go camping with a fractured ankle!
    Did you happen to see Gus, Louie and Callie? They were in Wisconsin too!
    Your trip sure looks like fun to us!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

    What a trooper your Mum is – your camp looked very comfy….

    Did you get to sing by the camp fire?



    Oh my Dog Autumn
    youw Mom is a twoo Hewo
    she kept going and took you on that faboolous camping twip.
    My Mommi is afwaid of the dawk and couldn’t set up a tent if she had twenty good feets.
    you awe sooo lucky to be in such a glowious place.Stay safe and have a gweat time.Can’t wait to heaw and see mowe
    smoochie kisses

    w00fs, heehee, mama and daddy take 4ever to set up a little tent, they usually furgit half the stuff..last time they went they furgot the medal polie things that hold it up…had to make due with rope…looks like u had a wonderful time…and that footie foot looks bad..

    b safe,

    Hi Autumn,
    Your camping trip looks so exciting, and how heroïc your Ma is !!! Hope her ankle does not make her suffer too much …
    Too bad you cannot go explore on your own and have to keep that leash on :(((
    Have a great, great time Autum,
    Wirey luv’ and big smooches to you and your Ma.

    Autumn and Pam..Wow finally received a post on my wall from you !!!! Second day of camping…So off to your blog we go to check out 1st day…Wow Autumn Ma Fractured her foot…What a trooper to continue on….Love the pics..Looking forward to the rest of your experiences…Chipmonks watch out !!!!

    OMD…Autumn what an amazing camping trippie you are having….but we are worried bout your mom’s ankle!! Is she ok? Is it feeling any better?

    We’ll be barking that she feels better immediately!!

    Love and kisses,
    Lacie Girlie

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