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Camping Trip Part 2

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Chipmunk enjoying MY food!!! NO WAY!

First night was nice and quiet. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect sleeping weather.
Day 2 Ma was up by 6:30 making breakfast while I roamed the backyard. We spotted some chipmunks and they came right up to Ma.
She gave one of them a piece of my MorningStar veggie link. That’s not cool Ma!
I think I will have to find that chipmunk and take it back!
Gosh Ma is busy from sun up to sun down!
Wobbling on her one, cleaning the dishes, hanging up towels to dry, filling the water jugs, picking up sticks for fire starting, making sure we have enough ice, sweeping the inside of the tent, taking showers and icing her foot… this woman doesn’t stop moving!!! err..wobbling!

Poor Ma had a rough night. Her foot was really sore, her back was achy, and she had band-aids on her finger and arm. She was exhausted when the rain started. And it came down hard, then harder, then even harder. It didn’t seem like it was going to stop! Uh Oh. Ma sure made us a good tent but the heavy rains have carved a path in the ground straight for our tent. Ma rushed out in the rain to make a barrier using her privacy curtains that we ended up not hanging. Smart thinking Ma!

It’s a little wet on the ground near her cot but my space is still dry. YAY! Sorry Ma!

OH the temperature is dropping with the rains. Ma decided at about 2am that we’re moving to the car. She’s so sore, exhausted and tired plus everything is damp from the rains. The car is warm and fairly comfortable for Ma. I have the whole backseat to myself. It’s good for a couple of hours until the rains stop.

Day 3 we’re up and at it early. Ma takes all the stuff out of the tent and places it in the direction of the coming morning sunshine. Another beautiful day!
After breakfast Ma drove me to a Starbucks about 20 miles away so I can check in with my facebook friends and look through my emails.  Then she stopped by a drugstore and picked her up a walking cane. YAY now she can semi-walk again!!

It started raining again but this time Ma thwarted the direct-to-the-tent puddle with her cunning use of those curtains.

The sun came out in the afternoon and Ma took a shower while I guarded our area! No Chipmunks Allowed!
We went down to the lake and I saw Geese!
Then we drove around the marshes and I saw Cranes. They were so tall and made weird sounds… they scared me!

Day 4…it’s Friday and up until now it’s been very quiet and peaceful. Now all the weekend campers are coming in bringing their Minivans with screaming kids and motorcycles with loud music.

Ma tried combing me but gave up because I keep chasing the chipmunks through the woods. She had to shorten my leash. BAH! But the good news is Ma was very excited…she said she thinks she sees a vein in her sore foot. I guess that’s a good thing for her.

Friday night we had the college grads across the street and they partied hard all night. Ma and I snuggled on the cot and watched a movie on the laptop. AHH technology is great! BOL!

Saturday Morning Ma slept until 8am, took a shower, and made us breakfast. Later we drove around the area to explore more strange looking birds and animals. I saw a possum and a raccoon, deer and horses. Afternoon sun is hot and the air very humid so we drove back to the beach but I could only look at it ‘cuz they said no pets allowed. Ma did find a spot I could get my feet wet at the boat launch. That was fun!

Ma’s foot doesn’t look any better to me. She’s still sore but she’s a real trooper!
She made us a late lunch before the rain started again. She decided to drive us back to town and back to that Starbucks for a warming Latte while waiting for the rains to stop. The rain slowed down a couple of hours later and it started to get dark so we headed back to camp and build a huge fire to keep us warm. We roasted marshmallows over the fire. YAY!

Sunday morning was pleasant but damp! Ma began to slowly break camp and let me roam in the woods. I could sniff these woods all day. I was looking for the chipmunks and I did chase a few. It was quiet and peaceful since many of the weekenders decided to leave due to all the cold rain.
We just sat and enjoyed the lovely morning in the forest knowing we would have to be leaving in a few hours.

All in all we enjoyed our week out in the wilderness. I personally found the wild side of my Lakeland Terrierness.


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3 Responses to "Camping Trip Part 2"

hello sweet pea square cousin! I’ve read part 1 and 2 of your lovely camping trip with Ma. Wow you are one one lucky loved up girlie having your ma take you to such exciting places! And devoting every hour to your square self. Well apart from the minute when she gave the chipmunk some of your brekkie, Sheese the pain from her poor wonky foot must of driven her to it Autumn so please fiorgive her. Is her foot better and a twinto the other one again? She did look sooper stylish despite the rain and lack of blush,,,her privicy curtain. Goes without barking you looked beautiful and square 24/7 of course. It was fab to wag along on your lovely camping trip, thank you cousin. Sending you kisses and wiry loves. before I zoom off to see how I can help lovely little lambchop. Paws up to you both for all your help, the card was well deserved 🙂

Your mom is sure a trooper, Autumn! Our favorite part of your camping trip is roasting marshmallows! yummmmmmmmmm
It sound like you had a great time despite the rain and cool temps!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

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