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Our Trip to The Badlands and Beyond

Posted on: June 25, 2010

Ma and I headed out of Milwaukee on Friday and drove I-94 through Madison, WI to I-90 around Tomah, WI

A funny statue near Baraboo, WI

We stopped at the area rest stop and saw a magnificent double rainbow.

Double Rainbow in South Central Wisconsin

We drove I-90 across the Mississippi River near LaCrosse, WI into Minnesota.
We enjoyed the River attractions like Eagle watching and took pictures.

Eagle Watching

The great Mississippi River

I'm looking towards the Mighty Mississippi River

Sniffing the sights

Across the river is LaCrosse, WI ...we're on the Minnesota side

We head out towards Rochester, MN  where Ma stopped to get some lunch. We drove by the world famous Mayo Clinic and looked for a Starbucks or a WIFI hotspot but couldn’t find anything so we headed to Albert Lea, MN.  We drove around the city and then back on the road.

Enjoying the ride

The trip from Albert Lea to Sioux Falls,SD along I-90 wasn’t much to see… Blue skies above us and green fields on each side with a long open road in front of us.  There were loads of these wind turbines everywhere you looked. Simply miles and miles of them.

Many Wind Turbines lined the roadside

The highway speed limit is 70 mph with most folks traveling between 75 and 80 so that got us here pretty quick.
Pretty boring drive all in all although some of the town names I found interesting like Blue Earth, MN and Welcome, MN. One I particularly thought was interesting was Mountain Lake, MN considering there wasn’t anything even remotely  resembling a mountain. It was quite flat all the way along I-90.

Watching Ma drive

Ma drove around for 3 hours in Sioux Falls. Ma wasn’t very impressed She tried talking with folks who didn’t seem very friendly. She asked a few folks if there were a Starbucks in the city and they weren’t helpful. She asked other folks about wi-fi hotspots and again she wasn’t well received.
She finally found a McDonalds that offered free WIFI but she couldn’t get a connection. The manager wasn’t helpful. Ma was frustrated and everyone driving no one than 25 mph didn’t make things better so we finally left Sioux Falls.
The drive across South Dakota was pleasant, The speed limit is 75 mph but there were many construction locations.

Driving across South Dakota on I-90 is actually quite fun because there are so many fun and interesting billboards along the road side. It’s very entertaining and makes the time go by quickly.

Ma decided to make a stop in a town called Mitchell, SD where they has the Corn Palace. Indeed it is a huge building and it’s facade is made entirely with corn! It’s one of the strangest things seen so far.

The Corn Palace, Mitchell,'s made of corn!!!

Next stop was a town called 1880 town. Population said 1/0 Ghosts, 9 cats, 3 dogs and 3905 rabbits.

1880 town!

Next we went into Wall, SD. Only because all these signs along the interstate kept saying don’t miss Wall Drug.
Ma couldn’t figure out what that meant so we decided to stop. The town is called Wall but a few miles into the town is an area with shops and touristy places all anchored by Wall Drug Store.

This is Wall Drug

Wall Drug Street

So that mystery solved we moved on into The Badlands National Park. It’s not hard to miss along I-90 when all of the sudden there are some lands that look BAD.

Those look like some bad lands!

It’s no wonder they call it Bad Lands! I can only imagine the settlers coming towards this new western area of America and seeing this place and saying…that is a bad looking area. Very bad lands!
Simply breathtaking. We paid a $15.00 fee to enter and the pass is good for one week.
It’s worth it! I went rock climbing as Ma hobbled along trying to keep up with me.
There’s a mini-museum at one of the buildings which has many info, facts and exhibits.

Ma got some great pictures of me but unfortunately the “money shots” on the digital camera got lost in translation. Ma was missing about 7 pictures but one or two of me hiking the badlands made it!! YAY!

Autumn the great explorer

This looks easier than it is!

Climbing up some bad lands

We left there and stopped at the Prairie Homestead Historical Site. It’s an original settler’s prairie home. It’s an $6 fee to enter and Ma hobbled her way up to the house to get some pics all while the prairie dogs bounced up and down looking for peanuts. Apparently the tourist can feed them unsalted peanuts. And here I thought they only ate Prairie Dog Chow!!

Call me a prairie dog! hehe

Little house on the Prairie

REAL Prairie dogs!!

Next we drove over to the Petrified Rock Forest or something like that. But Ma said it looked to hokey to pay for so we kept going until we made it to Rapid City where we had a room waiting at the Best Western Town and Garden. Ma said it was, at best, a $70. room that she got on for $130. But someone mixed up the reservation and it was a no pet room and they had no pet rooms left. WHAT??
Ma made a big ol’ stink about it and they gave us a room that didn’t allow pets but charged Ma $20 which was suppose to be included in the price! So Ma wasn’t happy and will have to take it up with Priceline when she gets a chance. Ma had booked the room for a Pet, and Free Internet access. Those were the only 2 requirements. But when Ma laid on the bed and tried to access the web..she got nothing! She actually had to sit in the car to get some access. It wasn’t a very strong signal. But the upside was they offered  free soup and cookies between 4:30 and 6pm. Then free breakfast 6 to 10 am.  Ma also didn’t like the maids knocking on the door at 8am.
One last upside to this place is it is located on Mount Rushmore Ave which is a straight shot, 25 minutes to the place we’re going next!

I'm ready!

To be continued!!

Love from Autumn xoxo


4 Responses to "Our Trip to The Badlands and Beyond"

Oh my dog Autumn
What a gweat adventoowe!!!!
I can’t believe you wewe willing to go (gulp) into those bnad lands..awe you off the leash too???
You’we sooo bwave. I hope you got some peamut buttew to give you enewgy.
You must have beent the best company fow youw Mom..So many sights..I love those skyes clouds and wainbows..but that wall place is weiwd and so is the cown house..weiwd!!!!!

Thank you fow thinking of us on youw twip..I love you
smoochie kisses

What a gorgeous double rainbow! And what a fun adventure you’re on, Autumn! Mom loves the barn in the 1880 town!
We can’t wait to hear more of your trip!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

That’s a gorgeous rainbow!!!

Autumn, Wow you made me feel I was right there on that huge adventure with you. It looks as though you and mom are having a smashing time exploring all those place and the sights. Really interesting. Love the river and seeing the prarie dogs, I’ve never seen any before. Sheese how can they call themselves dogs – don’t believe they are ever waggin do you? You of course are a proper square brave doggie venturing so far and way high up into theose breathtaking bad lands. That hotel you stayed at needs to be renamed bad too. Not the good sort of bad. Hope you left a hidden present. Can’t wait to see where you go next. take care of Mom , hope her footsie is better?

Wiry love and kisses Eric xx

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