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Badlands and Beyond part 2

Posted on: June 29, 2010

Continued from the last entry…so go back and read from the begining if you’re just joining in!!

Yahooo!! South Dakota!

We’re on our way to Mount Rushmore YAY!!

We stopped in Keystone which is the town closest to the Monument and took some pics and grabbed some snacks. This is the area where they filmed the movie North By Northwest. It says so on a sign on the roadside.

Keystone Population 311

Continuing on this road you make a turn and then POW! You see them!!

Just around a bend you see them faces pop out at you!

They don’t allow pets so Ma didn’t pay to go in and turned around but we got plenty of pics around the area and WOW those faces are so cool to see in person. I highly recommend this place!

The entrance to the memorial

Here's me and George Washington!

View from the auto!

This type of rock is found all over the area around the monument. It's all sparklely!!

Well, it was a spectacular sight to see. We continued on to our next destination.

We can always put a hole through it so the cars can drive through!

Back thru Keystone and made a pit stop. This is a quaint little town population 311, all touristy but nice. Not at all like the next place….Deadwood.

The town of Deadwood

There's not much to Deadwood

Ma must have missed a turn so we drive back to Rapid City to get to I-90.
The construction on I-90 made us have to go through the town of Sturgis to get to Deadwood.
If you’ve ever seen the HBO show Deadwood then you have a wild idea of what this place must be like.
It’s nothing like you can imagine. It’s a crappy tourist trap filled with old fashioned named buildings filled with modern touristy junk. There’s nothing fun or exciting or authentically old about this place. Ma didn’t even bother stopping. We drove down to Leed and then came back thru Deadwood then towards the interstate. Ma was disappointed but now we’re on our way to another state.

Welcome to Wyoming…where there is no welcome center for visitors. WHAT? how strange is that?  We made a stop a few miles into the state and found a welcome to Wyoming sign so we could get some pics!

Ma found us a place to picnic and take pics!

TO BE CONTINUED…watch for part 3!!

Love Autumn


3 Responses to "Badlands and Beyond part 2"

We can only imagine how spectacular it is to see Mount Rushmore in person! Our dad is a huge George Washington fan!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Aw. So sorry about the frustrating parts of your journey so far, but we’re happy that there were some good payoffs! Moma told us about that Corn Palace (and reminded us how dangerous it was that one of us … Jakey … actually chomped the end off of a corn cob and swallowed it. We hope you didn’t do anything like that.) And about that little house on the prairie. Can you imagine? No comfy dog beds? We’re happy with our life as it is … we’ll stick to visiting those places. And posing for photos. Just like you’ve been doing. So very well.

Keep them coming,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Hmmm. That first comment was meant to be for your Part One. Oh well.

Now. Moma says she wants to clear something up about Deadwood. See. It goes like this. She actually LIVED in Deadwood for three months a gazillion years ago when she was just a couple of years older than our NinaGirl. She lived in the upstairs of one of those main street buildings. And did something called an In Turn Ship in Sturgis. She met some real cowboys and went “checking fences” every weekend. Fun stuff. Funny memories. But maybe since that was so very very long ago, it was before the days of the mega-tourist-trap that it seems to be now. (She’s sad.)

Anyhow. That’s a great place where you are visiting. We know that. We’ve heard all about it. And we’re anxious to hear lots more.

Love ya
Jake and Fergi xxoo

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