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Dear Santa Paws,

This is my first time writing to you because I had never heard of you before.
They say you come each year to deliver toys and goodies to all the animals around the world who believe in you. I could never have believed that someone like you existed. But now I do believe!

I believe in miracles now.
I never could have dreamed that there were people in this world who wanted to make me feel safe and secure and people who wanted me to feel happiness and not despair. People who want to pet me and let me run and play. I do believe Santa!! But I don’t want you to bring me any toys and goodies.

My wish, dear Santa Paws, is that you help all those other doggies who don’t know you exist. All those doggies who have no happiness, no family or friends.
I want them to know the joy that I now know. I want them to have friends who really care about them and cry when they aren’t feeling well. I want them to run and play on grass and in snow and have a cozy place to sleep each night. I want them to have someone to hold them and pet them and  teach them what love is.

This is my only wish Santa and I know you can make it happen. Because I BELIEVE!!

Thank you,
from Autumn Lakeland Terrier


Happy Holidays Everyone!

(click on pics for larger view)

It’s been a hectic time of year for me and Ma. Shopping, sending cards and gifts, spending time with family. I need some quiet time!
Ma is the worse when it comes to getting things done. Not that she’s doesn’t get everything done…it’s how she does it!!

She’s such a scatterbrain and tries to do so many things at once. She calls it multitasking.  But she isn’t very organized. She was sending out Christmas cards and she decided we would have a craft day and make paper ornaments to include with the cards.  There’s a lot of cutting involved — cutting round shapes and pasting my picture onto them then adding a  sparkly santa hats on my pic.  I helped her by chewing on the construction paper trying to create designs.

We made paper ornaments!

She has little pieces of paper stuck in drawers and folders with addresses on them. She spent an hour just on locating addresses. She knows she doesn’t have them all!!
She stopped twice to check her computers. Of course she has 3 computers and uses a dozen email addresses which makes it even more difficult for her to locate everything. She even had to ask some of her Facebook friends to help. BOL!!
She has terrible handwriting so she can’t even read her own writing as she deciphers the numbers on the little sheets of paper to address the envelopes.

Next step was to sit down on the computer and do some online shopping. Trying to find online shops in Europe wasn’t easy especially when you can’t read French,  Italian or Japanese! She managed to find one shop in the UK. That helped a bit but not enough.

Her next move was to find a US shop that ships overseas. The stores that did were low on stock of the items she wanted. The stores that had the stock didn’t ship to Europe.
I tried to comfort her in her time of frustration by squeaking some of my toys at her. <SQUEAK SQUEAK>

She found one store who could ship some things around the US but she had to place all separate orders.
She was going crazy and called their 800 number only to get an answering system. She really needed to talk to a live person. She left emails and tried calling again leaving messages for someone to return her calls.
She had already spent 3 hours trying to organize the shipments to my friends and worried about not receiving confirmation emails and international shipping questions and a bunch of other things seemingly going wrong when the few email confirmations came in stating “Your Order Has Been Shipped.”
She called one last time and screamed a message saying I NEED TO TALK WITH SOMEONE NOW!
A few minutes later she got the call back. The woman told her she would run down to the warehouse and stop the orders so they could fix the problems.
Ma had to make one last order and have it shipped to her so she could then ship them herself overseas. BAH!

So in the meantime she did a little real life shopping.
She didn’t let me go with her on the morning of November 26 which here in the US they call Black Friday. It’s a day where retail stores open early and offer super low prices to help get their profits into the “black”.

Waiting in the freezing cold behind 300 people. The upside was there were 300 more behind Ma!

Ma went out at 3am and stood in the lines outside in the freezing cold. She says it’s fun to be part of the “madness”. I’m glad I stayed home. She said there were 300 people in front of her waiting to get into one store. She was hoping to get the best bargains and she managed to get a few deals.

At one store, Ma grabbed a bunch of goodies and paid about $100. for all it. Plus she received $15.00 in gift certificates bringing her price to just over $85. That's a lot of stuff!

She got a Digital Photo Album so she can fill it with photos of ME! YAY! She also got a portable DVD player, a slow cooker, an electric griddle, and a couple bags of other goodies. She ended up going to three different stores that morning. Kohl’s opened at 3am and she found a few things but wasn’t willing to stand in the long checkout line for them. Target opened at 4am and she waited behind 300 people to get inside and of course it was the coldest morning of the season BOL!!
She grabbed everything that was on special and got a great price.

5am was Walmart but the parking lot was so full she wasn’t going to park across the road so she left and went to Macy’s. She bought herself some winter wear and a few home items before returning home.

The next day was Small Business Saturday. It’s an effort to help small local businesses and boast their profits. This time I went along. We went to many Pet boutiques where they allow dogs inside. The strange thing was when Ma asked if they had any Small Business Saturday specials they either told her no or they didn’t know what that was or they offered a 10% discount.

Ma was very disappointed.  She says she wants to support the local economy but they aren’t willing to offer her much in return. She ended up getting me some treats and told me not to worry – that I would be getting loads of presents from Santa this year.
I’ve already started to get cards and presents in the mail. Ma bought me a bulletin board last year so I could display my cards and letters but I ran out of room so this year Ma is letting me put them on the refrigerator door too!

Leopoldo from Italy send me a super nice package filled with wonderful holiday goodies including a Merry Christmas scarf.

At least the presents help me cope with Ma leaving me alone a lot lately while she attends dinners and parties. It’s not fair but she says she’ll make up for it after the New Year.

I hope your holiday season is going much smoother and we’ll be thinking of you all during this time.
If you don’t get a card please blame my scatterbrain Ma!!

As a side note I want to wish my dear friend Ulysse a speedy recovery from a horrible accident he was involved in. His Ma and Pops were so worried about little Uly as we all can relate to.


Happy Holidays Everyone!
Love Autumn