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Packers, Cold Weather and FREE Groceries??

Posted on: January 22, 2011

Hi all!

I sure hope your new year is going good. Everyone around me is super excited about the big game. We call it football here in America.
It’s a super huge match up with long time rivals the Green Bay Packers vs the Chicago Bears.

They are arch rivals because the States of Wisconsin and Illinois border each other. So you can imagine how heated things can get between fans closer to the border.
I’d say Ma is a big fan of Green Bay but she can’t compare to the thousands of maniacal fans who’ll do anything to see the game at Soldiers Field in Chicago on Sunday.

Ma says we’ll just watch on TV.

Go Pack Go!

It’s been frigid cold. Last night it got down pass ZERO degrees Fahrenheit.  Ma bundled up so much she could barely move while taking me for my night walkie.
She had me wearing my boots so my paws wouldn’t freeze to the ground plus I wore a sweater under my coat. But I love the cold weather and Ma just doesn’t understand why!!

Free?? Really??

So Ma seen this TV show a few weeks ago about people who get tons of groceries for free just by using coupons. This made Ma very curious and started to investigate.
She went online and read coupon-clipper blogs and articles. So here the deal….

First you should have the type of grocery stores that offer what they call Double-Coupon days. This is when the store offers twice of what the face-value of the coupon is.
Ma checked around and found one store in our area that does this. It’s called Pick N’ Save. They have “double coupon” days on Wednesday and Saturdays.
Next you have to have coupons.  After Ma did her investigating she got some local papers and read through all the sales at the grocery store. Then she clipped some coupons and then she went online and tried to find coupons that matched some of the items that were on-sale this week.

So finally Saturday came today and Ma was ready to see if she could get free groceries.

NOW the problem with Pick N’ Save is that, although they accept double the coupon value, they only will if you buy at least $25.oo worth of stuff, plus they will only accept 5 coupons to double and only up to $1.00 each!

So Ma had to strategize !! She decided to use 2 different Pick N’ Save stores and luckily for us we have them about 2 miles apart. Ma made her grocery list, gathered her coupons and off she went.

The first store they had a special on 6 boxes of breakfast cereal – get $10 off plus free Milk and Eggs.  AND Ma had coupons for the cereal!! YAY
Ma bought 23 items and the total purchase after all coupons and specials came to $25.33 with a total savings of $35.39.

$35.39 Saved

The second store it took Ma  a bit longer because they didn’t have some of the items she had planned to purchase. BUT she did bring her “backup” coupons. Those are the ones she said she’d use just in case they didn’t have one of the items. So her backup plan worked, she bought 26 items and the amount she paid this time was $30.00 with a total savings of  $39.39.

$39.39 Saved

In total the two bills came to $130.11
Ma paid a total of $55.33
so she saved a total of $74.78


But that’s far from free!!

Ma still doesn’t know how those people get free groceries but she had fun trying!

Happy Dog Bloggin’

Love Autumn





2 Responses to "Packers, Cold Weather and FREE Groceries??"

Wow! That is HUGE savings, Autumn!
We can’t wait to start our fireplace and watch both championship games! At the end of today, we’ll know who’s going to the Superbowl!
Stay warm! We have zero right now. brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Autumn. We hope you gave your moma lots of love and cuddles after all that strategizing and money saving grocery shopping. Good for her for all that work! Maybe with the savings she got you a special treat? Or at least something fun to munch on during the football games?

Stay warm, sweet girl.
Fergi and Jake

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