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Birthday and 2 Full Years of Freedom Party!

Posted on: March 9, 2011

That’s what we’re celebrating from now until March 15th which is my birthday.  It’s my 6th birthday! YAY

If you scroll to the very first entries in this blog you will see that I arrived at Ma’s for the first time on March 8th, 2009. So we’re using this time to celebrate my second full year of freedom. Woot!!

The reason I’m using the following photo is because it was the first ever photo taken of me. The nice folks at National Mill Dog Rescue cleaned me up and took this pic for their website. It is this photo that Ma saw and fell in love with me! She actually had it on the kitchen wall for a month before I came to meet her. She was super excited!

My First Photo

OH MY DOG – I almost forgot to tell you that I got my old Facebook profile back! YIPPEE
Ma said she’s do anything to get it back and she did everything! She’s a supermom!!
I won’t reveal her secrets on how she got it back…let’s just leave it at that! ok?

So we’re celebrating my Birthday/Freedom on Facebook on March 15th. It’s a 24 hour event and everyone is welcomed. If you are on Facebook then add me Autumn Lakeland-Terrier.
There’s an Event page where everyone will drop in thoughout the day to say hi and party with us. We have a DJ and games plus contests to win REAL prizes!! WOOT!
We’re have lots of fun and I hope to see you then!!

Next news break –

This morning around 2:30 am I asked Ma if I could go onto the porch and then a while later she hear me….I made my first official GROWL…wooohooo. Ma said it was followed by almost a bark but she said it was my first growl ever and she couldn’t even see what I was trying to growl at. She was so excited!

Some early B-day pressies have arrived on my doorstep.

A blanket that looks like me..made by Sowena and Molly in UK!

It even has my name!!


I want to ask if you would please take a few moments to watch this video. It’s from the National Mill Dog Rescue Org…the folks who rescued me.
In that video you’ll see exactly what it was like for me arriving to freedom.



Lot of Lakie Lovin’ To YOU!



6 Responses to "Birthday and 2 Full Years of Freedom Party!"

An Autumn Palooza! Your blankie is just fabulous, Autumn! We love it!
The video made our mom sob. Thank you for sharing it.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

youw post made Mommi cwy wif happiness that you wewe united wif such a loving family.
Happy Biwfday To you deew sweet Autumn. You stole youw Momma’s heawt and awe a most bootiful giwl who will always know love.
I love youw blankie. It is the most bootiful i’ve evew seen! Pawfect fow you.
We watched that video of those many hooman angels helping those pwecious fwightened little pups. I pway they will be able to find homes like you did and that this good wowk can keep going fow all those who awe still out thewe suffewing.
Thank you fow showing us.

now it’s time to CELEBWATE YOU!!!!!
smoochie kisses

Sweet Dawling Autumn
Awe you kiddinG?
How could getting ow getting kissies evew be wong?
I love you and would be vewy happy to get ow give kissies fwom ow to you
smoochie kisses

Deewest Autumn
I would like to thank you fow letting me shawe in the fun of youw Biwfday Celebwation. It was the best Biwfday pawty I’ve evew been too . I hope you get to live a vewy long and healthy life in the loving home of youw Mommi. She loves you so vewy much and we couldn’t be happiew that you two found each othew!!!
smoochie kisses

Hi Ya Autumn !
Your birthday party was a blast !!!! Everyone had a great time.
all our friends were so thrilled to join you and Ma with the celebration of TWO YEARS of Freedom ! Your Ma knows how to put together a PARTY !!!!
We love being your friend and so blessed to have you in our lives to share joy and happiness with you daily ❤

Forever with love and Aire Kisses,
Lily Airedale and J

Dear Autumn,

I really had a hell of a good time at your B-day party yesterday ; it was fun sharing pics with all the pals and enjoy the moment we all spent together … Great idea your Ma had and so much work to prepare everything, it was just perfect (please tell her !), thanks again for inviting us.

Now I’m so very happy each time I read about your new life and the progresses you make, trusting your loving Ma and asserting yourself … So many changes in 2 years’ time …

Sending you big smooches and wirey luv’,
your French BFF,
Ulysse xoxox

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