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Birthday Trivia Contest Winners

Posted on: March 16, 2011

The winners are here!
Ma did a super job of keeping up with the hundreds of messages she received during the 2 day trivia event.
She sent out 10 questions over a 2 day span so she could keep up with all of my friends answers.
She said over 65 people were playing and that lead to over 650 messages that she sifted through to tally all the correct answers.

Here are the questions with their correct answers!

QUESTION 1 – worth 1 point – Name 5 vegetables that start with the letter A

Answers are –
Abyssinian Cabbage
African eggplant
Alpine bistort
Alpine Strawberry
American beech
American Bistort
American linden
American lotus
American Pokeweed
American wild mint
American Wormseed
Amur grape
Angled Loofah
Angular pigface
Arctic butterbur
Arrow Head
Arrowleaf sida
Asiatic Pennywort
Apricots can also be considered a vegetable

QUESTION 2– worth 3 points – what is this?

What animal is this?

Answer is BADGER

QUESTION 3 – worth 1 point – you were told to go to
and name the 5 typical solid colors of Lakeland Terrier

Answer is – blue, black, liver, red, and wheaten

QUESTION 4 -worth 3 points – In Indonesia, cats are thought to…

A: Be the wisest of all animals
B: Spin straw into gold
C: Control the rain
D: Scare off bad spirits

Answer is – C, Control the rain

QUESTION 5 -worth 3 points – you were told to go to the event wall and find this video

and then answer the following question: In the video the titles give a special thanks to a little soul….what is it’s name?

Answer is LILY

QUESTION 6 – worth 2 points -Cats can make hundreds of vocal sounds!
How many sounds can a dog produce?

Answer is 10 ( those who answered 10-15 were given points)

QUESTION 7 – worth 3 points –
There are a group of islands somewhere in the world named after a breed of dog… name of these islands?

Answer is Canary Islands were named after a breed of dog.
* Newfoundland dog is named after the island…not the other way around!

QUESTION 8 – worth 3 points – Name an animal that can fly in reverse?

Answer is Hummingbird

QUESTION 9 -worth 2 points – What three items do you need to make Green Milk?
Many read “items” to mean “ingredients.
Green milk is nothing more than milk with green food-coloring and some “item” to place them in….a glass.

QUESTION 10 -worth 2 points

Who Am I?

Answer is – This is Giant George the World’s Tallest Dog. (those who answered either George or the World’s Tallest Dog were given points)

And the winner is: It is a  three-way tie!!

Congratulations to:
Mairead Barthorpe

Bailey A. Guillory

Evie Purviance

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Great Party, Great contests, Great Music, Great Friends !

Congwatulations to the winnews!!!!!
Thank you fow all youw wowk.
We had fun playing
smoochie kisses

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