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It’s always a hectic time of year when Ma has to do so many things in order to keep me calm around the 4th of July. So many days before and after that I hear the pops, cracks and bangs of those fireworks. It makes me shake with fear even though Ma does her best trying to make me feel safe.

We made it though without too much stress this year when Ma kept me in the living room with the air conditioner going along with a floor fan, a air purifier and the television blaring loudly. It seem to make a difference since there were so many sounds for me to try and ignore.

Ma’s facebook friend Barbara makes hair ribbons and Ma asked if she could make one for a dog. Ma wanted a cute red, white and blue ribbon in the spirit of Independence day. Barbara and her cool company, Hairbows and More, made me a wonderful ribbon and it was made to fit! It secures around my neck with velcro. Isn’t it pawsome? Go check out her website and she can make one to fit you too!! ALL occasions! YAY!

Happy Summer!
Love Autumn