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To be honest, I don’t like all that hot and humid weather. Ma loves it but not me!
She takes me outside at a minimum of two times each day and there were many times she’d have to wait until the sun went down or before it came up to let me outside. And there were many times I’d be walking along and then I’d stop, do a little tail shaking and them plop down and not want to move.

Ma asked my doctor about this and he told here that I was simply manipulating her. Ma gave him a nervous giggle but later in the summer, after I had done it multiple times, she wasn’t laughing. She knew that I really didn’t want to continue on with the walk. There were even times when she’d pick me up and carry me home. She also invested in a cooling collar and carried water bottles with us on our walks.

In the winter time I can go for miles and not want to stop. Only in the summer do I lay down and not want to move. So Ma is very angry with my doctor for giving her such a flippant answer! Time to find a new doctor!

Yesterday the sun was hidden by the clouds and Ma had on long pants with a jacket. She said it was chilly! I loved it! She took me to the park and I ran like the wind. WeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaa!! It felt great to run and run and not get tired out by all that heat and humidity!

I look forward to the chilly days of fall and winter. Ma…not so much!!