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Happy New Year 2012!

Posted on: December 30, 2011

Who would have guessed that just one year ago I hardly played with toys. But now, since my friends all over the world have been sending me fun things to play with and chew up, I play all the time!!


Ma says I never stick with just one thing…that I go from toy to toy. If it’s a new toy thing I like to explore it, put it away and then come back to it later. Ma says she’s never seen me so happy.


Anyway I wanted to tell you that it’s been 3 years this day since I was rescued from my horrible home in the puppy mill.  And this coming March Ma will have had me for 3 years and she’s super happy that I’m almost a “normal” dog. 

She even says I’m spoiled but she doesn’t care. She says that I deserve to be. Sometimes I still get a little scared at little things but you should see me barking at the big trucks and trying to chase them down the street! They use to scare the pee outta me. Not anymore! Now they’re scared of ME!! YAY!!!

I look back through this blog over the past  three years and can’t believe I’m the same little doggie. Now I look forward to more growth in the coming new year and I know I have all my friends to thank for helping me and Ma with all the love and support you’ve shown us.

Our deepest thanks and best wishes for a super duper great New Year!!


Love Autumn






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Your post is making us smile, Autumn! We are just so very happy for you!
We hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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