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Hey everyone…I’m going on a road trip!

Posted on: January 29, 2012

Ma has to go down to Florida and of course she would never leave me behind. She says I might get to play on the beach and swim in the big waters while we’re there. I’ve never done that before and I hope I don’t get too scared!
We’ll be traveling through many states and I’ll be sure to take loads of photos on my journey so stay tuned!!

Love from Autumn


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O my. Close, but no stop in Virginia. Have a great and safe trip. We recommend the following hotels: Omni Shorehams (usually let dogs in), Drury Hotels, Klimpton hotels, and La Quinta Inns. Our favorites are the Drurys and any hotel with hamburgers on the room service menu!

gussie n teka

Thanks for the tips Gus, Teka and Barb!

Don’t forget your pink bikini, Autumn! Safe and fun travels to you girls!
~Sue Shannon

I’ll b the prettiest girl on the beach!!

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