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My buddy Max the Airedale has been hijacked!

Posted on: August 15, 2013

I received a message from Connie, my friend Maxs’ Ma and she said she found a website selling an image of Max on one of their items! YIKES!! That’s not cool!


The image of Max is now being sold on this item called Peace Love & Airedales – Circle Magnet.

Max is a therapy dog. He is also a tripod (a three-legged) and is loved by all who know him.  He lives in Ohio with his Ma and his sister Dior who is a gorgeous adopted Poodle. Max is one of my oldest and dearest pals. His Ma loves me and has traveled great distances just to cuddle with me!  She has a Facebook page and that picture of Max was actually posted in her Facebook photo album about 3 years ago.

So if you get the chance scroll over to and ask them to not sell Max’s image on anything without his Ma’s consent!


1 Response to "My buddy Max the Airedale has been hijacked!"

Thanks, Autumn. Geez, I know I am super handsome, but now Mom thinks I’ve been out getting famous while she wasn’t looking! Who would have thought that one day I popped my head out of my doggie stroller and Mom snapped this shot..and it would get famous. Mom had a lawyer send them a letter, but so far, they are still hijacking me!!!

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