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When Facebook decided to change my regular Facebook page to what they called a “celebrity” page I wasn’t having it. But it was forced on me I’m guessing because I had almost 4000 friends. But when it change over to the new status I lost all friend contact. Those 4000 friends became “likes” and all my history had vanished. 

Ma was so mad that she refused to make a new page. She didn’t want me to start over again since I had shared my entire 5 years of freedom on the old page and now it was gone.  

After a few months Ma calmed down and decided to remake a new facebook page. Although reluctant, she hastily created a Yahoo email so she could make a new Facebook page. In her hast she didn’t write down the passwords that she made up on the spot. She didn’t think about this until the day came, about 2 months into the new page, that they asked me for my password to access my account.

Ma tried every password that she’s ever used and could possibly think of.  Sadly in was frutal and couldn’t find anyway into my new accounts. 

On August 7th, from her page,  she posted a status for me simply stating “Don’t bother posting to Autumn’s page. She lost her passwords and can’t access her accounts!”

From now on I will not have a facebook page however you can still access me from her page.

Love always from Autumn