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But I had a terrific summer. Ma and I did a lot of traveling and I had fun! Now Autumn is here…hehe I like saying that!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Annual Fall Frolic for the Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption ( ATRA) . I had a chance to meet many of my Facebook friends which was super exciting and so much fun. Ma and I spent the afternoon playing with all the beautiful Airedales and we took some pictures and shared them on Facebook.
Here are some of the photos we all shared together.
(Click on the photo for a larger view)


Connie Versagi holding Harley Puestow, Beth Puestow, Sara Trippe, Peggy Clancy-Flyte, Susan Soucheray Widmar, Ma and Me!!



Sue Feith Shannon with her Airedale Timber and Welsh Terrier Cody along with my auntie Connie from Ohio.



Lots of sights and smells!!



Chase me!!



All the doggies received a complementary red ATRA scarf



The auction begins



My auntie Sara from Minnesota and big sis Rorie Belle.



They served yummy goodies for both humans and doggies



This is one of the items Ma bid on and won during the auction. It was made by Connie Versagi and donated to the auction.



Ma took home all these goodies from the silent auction



Facebook friends chatting as I stand on the table



My auntie Sara gave me a comfy, cozy nightgown which I couldn't wait to get into and go to sleep after a fun-filled day!


That was a fun day!

Now that summer is over Ma decided to get into the Fall spirit by doing some crafts. She bought some Halloween doggie-scarfs along with black and orange ribbons. She also got construction paper in black and orange and used some of her greeting cards. She pasted the cards to black squares of paper and pasted those onto orange squares. She got a fun scissors that cut the edge of the paper unevenly and made it all look spooky fun. She sewed the ribbons to the scarfs and sent them to some of my facebook friends. I, of course, supervised the entire project because Ma isn’t very good at crafts BOL!!!

The pictures we got back from my friends are all truly wonderful! Here are just a few….


The beautiful Miss Scout in Saint Charles, IL



My BF Jackson and his Sister Roxy in Sandpoint, Idaho



Perfect Miss Lily in Somerset, Mass.



My Little brother Monty in Tunbridge Wells, UK



Handsome Mr. Max in Cleveland, OH



The super cute Ulysse Des Irreductibles from Narbonne, France



The very dapper Eric, my square cousin in London, UK


The lovely Lola from Mississippi

Those pictures look so professional. My friends are all so gorgeous!!!
I can’t wait for Halloween. Ma and I will go to some costume parties and I’ll get a big bowl of treats!! I know some of my friends don’t celebrate trick or treating but they can still dress up and scare their neighbors!! YAY!

Hope all of you are well and thanks for letting me share my life with YOU!

Love and Licks, Autumn