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I actually had a small party last year with grandma and my cousins. But I had just arrived to my first home so I was still adjusting to everything and so much was happening I couldn’t relax and enjoy myself.

My Birthday cake was SOooo good I didn't wanna stop eating

Decorated with animal cookies

This year’s birthday also marked my first year with Ma along with my 5th Birthday combo day. They threw me a party with some of my best doggie and kitty pals. We ran around outside then ate my birthday cake and had bones and other treats.

It was a soft-bake cake using organic flour, cornmeal, honey, egg and fresh ground peanut butter.Then it’s dipped in melted Yogurt chips. Then the addition of Squirrels and Bone shaped cookies dipped in carob are attached around the cake.

There were candles on the cake that Ma blew out for me and party hats too.

Most of the gifts I got were edible and that was good ‘cuz I like to share with my pals!

A bootiful Birthday Kerchief from my BFF, Miss Scout

I received cards in the mail from some facebook friends and a bootiful kerchief I wore for my birthday.

On this card I'm a Princess...from Lorraine a Reynard in the UK

Miss Scout knew I was having cake

From one Lakie to another from my lil' brother Monty in the UK

I just want to thank everyone for ALL the wonderful birthday wishes I’ve received. I’m exhausted after my week-long celebration and if Ma could she would take some shots of me sleeping between the pillows looking Oh So comfy! But she knows if she even picked up the camera it would wake me up because everyone knows I don’t like cameras!!!!

and that’s why there are few pics of my party. Ma didn’t want to spoil my good time with the clicking and flashing.

Mucho Lakie Lovin,

pee ess


St Patty Eyes

I’m Virtually fostering an Airedale. Her name is Roxie. See how purty she is?

My birthday is in a couple of days. Tomorrow Ma and I will go get the cake she ordered for me. I can’t wait! I’ll get lots of pics to post on my blog for everyone to see. YAY!!

HUGS from Autumn

If you scroll all the way down to the beginning of this blog you’ll see it’s been a year since I started it. Of course I wasn’t even with Ma when I first started blogging. I was still in the NMDR (National Mill Dog Rescue) Kennels waiting to be driven to my new home.

I like reading back in this journal blog as it reminds me how far I have come and how much progress I’ve made. I’ve had so much encouragement from friends near and far. And I look great!

Check out the pic of skinny little me on the day I arrived to meet my new Ma and then compare the healthy looking me NOW!

This was me when I first came to meet Ma

Look at me one year later

Almost a year! I’m very excited to be celebrating my first year with a home, and people who love me and great friends all over the world.
Ma loves me so much!