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Hey everybody,

I just signed up at facebook

Autumn Lakeland-Terrier's Facebook profile

I think my new life is going to be a great and happy one!

cya later, Autumn


Hello again,

The nice people here at NPMR are taking real good care of  me while I await my trip to meet my new family.

In the meantime, they have decided to give me a roommate, a tiny little male Chihuahua. He is very nice and we’re getting along great.

This week they tell me that I will be seeing the dentist. They said that my dental surgery is just a minor teeth scaling and to look at any minor extractions of loose teeth that I  may have. That sounds very scary but they tell me that they just want  my teeth cleaned and made to look “all pretty and white”.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Bye4 now,


P.S. My new roomie needs a home too…so if you think you can provide a great, loving home for him please contact the nice people at NPMR.


My name is Brindle and, although I like rooming with Autumn,
I need a permanent home.


Hello world!

My name is Autumn and I am a 4 year old Lakeland Terrier.
I was rescued by National Puppy Mill Rescue from a horrible
puppy mill where I spent my life in a cage forced to be a puppy mama.

I'm Autumn

Recently a nice lady by the name of Pamela has requested that I
go live with her all the way in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pamela had to go through rigorous screening and
provide references in order to adopt me.

At this time, my rescuers have accepted Pamela’s application
to adopt me and I am very excited to meet my new companion
and see my new and permanent home.

Another nice lady who volunteers here at the NPMR kennels,
Kristie,  said that she will be driving me to Milwaukee in March.
It just so happens that Kristie is going on a trip to Green Bay, WI
so it won’t be an inconvenience to take me along and drop me off
at my new home.

I understand that Pamela used to have a Welch Terrier
named Lady who passed away suddenly in the late fall of 2008. Pamela told her family that she couldn’t have another 4-legged companion after the loss of Lady but when she saw me and
read my story on a website she just couldn’t think of anything
better than to provide me a good, loving home.


I’m sleepy right now so I’ll blog more later and keep you
apprised of my move.

Bye 4now,